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Dr. Sebi Approved Kamut Bread

At Joseph's Organic Bakery we bake Dr. Sebi Bread made with Dr Sebi approved kamut grain. We are the only Dr Sebi friendly bakery in the United States.  We stone grind our kamut grain fresh daily for optimal nutritional content.  Then we ferment our breads for 8-48 hours to create a healthy probiotic rich bread.  Our unique preparation process ensures that its very high in vitamins, mineral, probiotics, fiber and enzymes. 

Dr Sebi understood the value of ancient non-hybridized grains. Kamut is the third oldest grain in the world, which means its non-GMO and non-hybridized. It contains much more nutrients than modern wheat. Kamut also has anti-inflammatory properties.  We use 100% Wholegrain organic kamut. No bromides or artificial dough risers. 

WE NEVER USE WHITE OR REFINED FLOUR. Our bakery is vegan, organic, sugar free, corn free, soy free and kosher.


We have a Weight Loss Diet Programs formulated with Dr Sebi approved foods and herbs.  We also have a Diabetes Support Diet Program. Please inquire.



Check out our Dr Sebi friendly Weight Loss program by clicking on this link: https://veganbakerymiami.com/collections/dr-sebi/products/weight-loss-support-plan-dr-sebi-friendly-30-day-plan


Check out our Dr Sebi friendly diabetes support diet program by clicking on the link below: 



Our Health Promise:

Our Organic Breads, cakes, and cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients.

NO Xanthan Gum,

NO psyllium husk,

NO potato starch 

NO added colors 

NO added flavors 

NO preservatives

NO bad oils

Sugar Free 

Dairy Free 

Soy Free

Corn Free  

No rubber or teflon bakeware

Our bakery is also Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Corn free, No Added Gums, and Non-GMO.  No added colors or flavors, preservatives, or chemicals.  We are a Dr. Sebi friendly bakery With our commitment to ancient grains, Non-GMO ingredients, sugar free baked goods & a whole body alkaline approach.

 Shipping:  We are open for pickup & delivery. We ship nationwide please Inquire. 

Please call for more info 954-541-4062.

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