First CRISPR Embryos Grown in Labs : human cloning has begun

It seems like scientists are in a race against time to genetically modify every single living thing, including the human race.


This is perhaps one of the scariest aspects of CRISPR technology. Modifying human DNA is something that should never be done. 


G-d created each and every one of us in His image. To change or reprogram our DNA is  in essence a desecration of G-d's name.  Do we know better than Him who created us all to begin with?  


It's also incredibly risky.  Tinkering with DNA and inserting viral or bacterial DNA into our cells  is dangerous and could lead to unpredictable mutations and diseases that could  be passed from generation to generation. In fact, studies have shown that CRISPR editing can cause serious side effects in the cells of human embryos, prompting them to discard large chunks of their genetic material, a new study has found. 


The biggest concern associated with CRISPR is that it could have unintended consequences, cutting out large sections of DNA away from the target site and endangering human health. In fact, several recent studies have shown that using CRISPR to edit the human genome could potentially cause cancer.


“We feel it’s critical that the scientific community consider the potential hazards of all off-target mutations caused by CRISPR, including single nucleotide mutations and mutations in non-coding regions of the genome,” says co-author Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD, the Laszlo T. Bito Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and associate professor of pathology & cell biology in the Institute of Genomic Medicine and the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center.

Scientists have started using CRISPR in medicines, vaccines, and gene therapies to alter the human genome.  Most of the time, the patients will be unaware that they are subjecting themselves or their children to genetic modification, as many doctors and scientists will avoid admitting that their “treatments” are genetic modification.


It just doesn't sound very appealing to the masses. 


The use of CRISPR technology should require the consent of every single human being in the world, not just corrupt government officials and scientists, because this technology will affect us all. 


If a person with an edited genome gives birth to a child, that child may inherit their Genetically modified traits. Within a few generations, the entire human race may be altered, and it won’t be for the better. 


Scientists in Israel, the United States and  the UK have created the first “synthetic” human embryos. Dont be fooled synthetic doesnt mean plastic or fake. These are human embryos created from human stem cells and cultures.   These embryos are created without human eggs or sperm.   Human stem cells are treated with chemicals to go back to embryonic phase.  They have human organs. They were grown in labs for 14 days.   

The purpose? Harvesting human organs and medical experimentation.


This is not a joke.




This tinkering with the genes of every living thing on the planet is happening under our noses and no one is doing anything about it.


We must demand a worldwide moratorium on all CRISPR gene editing right now!


Human kidneys grown in pig embryos : CRISPR genetic engineering

What is CRISPR?

In simple terms, CRISPR is genetic modification. Scientists use bacteria or viruses to cut out or replace parts of DNA into plant/animal and now even human cells, and instead insert foreign DNA of viruses/bacteria in its place.


Even in the future, if they manage to do CRISPR without transplanting foreign DNA into our cells, it is still genetic modification.


Cloned "Synthetic" Human Embryos

Scientists at the Weizman Institute in Israel and A team of researchers in the United States and United Kingdom have  created cloned human embryos. They  discovered a way to create human embryos without human sperm or eggs.  To develop the embryos they took stem cells from human skin and preexisting cultures and reverted them to a blank or “naïve” state.


The scientists used similar methods and  divided the loose cells into several groups and treated each with a chemical to turn on certain genes. One group of cells became placenta cells, while another type was needed for the yolk sac. 


They called the embryos “synthetic” Embryos, which is misleading, there is nothing plastic or synthetic about these embryos, these embryos are formed from human stem cells.


This is the first stage of HUMAN CLONING

The cloned embryos  were grown in a lab for 14 days.


The Weizman team led by professor Jacob Hanna claims that their embryos  contains all the hallmarks of a human embryo that has grown inside a human womb for 14 days.


“Every compartment and supporting structure was not only there but in the right place, size and shape,” the statement said.

When the researchers extracted secretions from SEM and applied them to a commercial pregnancy test, it read positive.


Dr Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, a professor of biology and biological engineering at CalTech, head of the scientists in the U.S. group claimed that her embryos had germ cells which would develop into sperm and eggs.


Right now scientists are unfortunately allowed to  experiment on and grow real human embryos for 14 days in a lab.  14 days is when major features such as the body shape and spinal cord begin to form.


But these cloned or “synthetic” human embryos are not regulated.

Scientists generally agree that experiments involving embryos should halt at 14 days, when major features such as the body shape and spinal cord begin to form. But most of the related scientific guidelines and national laws only apply to embryos derived from fertilized human eggs, not cloned “synthetic” ones like Hanna’s.


Right now, many institutions are fighting to extend the lab growing time of real embryo, past the 14 days.



I never dreamed of a time when we would witness babies being grown in labs. This has to be stopped.


Potential uses for these cloned embryos range from  growing new transplant tissues and organs, and for experimentation. 


Cloned Embryos used for medical experimentation.  Sick.  


There's a tremendous risk of combining different species of DNA, which creates chimeras. 

Animals carry infectious pathogens, including those of unknown origin, and transplanting organs grown in animal embryos into  human bodies,   risks transmitting these pathigens and infections into humans, with unpredictable effects that could spiral out of control.

The world is still coping with a pandemic believed to have resulted from the tinkering of viruses in labs. Do they have any idea how many viruses animal carry at any given time, that should never be injected or transplated into humans?

This must stop.

dangers of crispr gene editing

In a study in China, researchers sequenced the entire genome of mice that had undergone CRISPR gene editing.  The mice had undergone CRISPR editing. Researchers determined that CRISPR had successfully corrected a gene that causes blindness, but Kellie Schaefer, PhD,  found that the genomes of two independent gene therapy recipients had sustained more than 1,500 single-nucleotide mutations and more than 100 larger deletions and insertions. None of these DNA mutations were predicted by computer algorithms that are widely used by researchers to look for off-target effects.

“Researchers who aren’t using whole genome sequencing to find off-target effects may be missing potentially important mutations,” Dr. Tsang says. “Even a single nucleotide change can have a huge impact.”

Here are some of the dangers of using CRISPR:

  • Off-target effects: CRISPR can sometimes cut DNA at unintended locations, which can lead to mutations that could cause health problems. CRISPR can create hundreds of unintended genetic mutations.
  • Gene drive: CRISPR can be used to create gene drives, which are genetic modifications that can spread through a population. This could be used to create organisms that are resistant to diseases or pests, but it could also be used to create harmful organisms.
  • Ethical concerns: CRISPR could be used to create designer babies, which are babies that have been genetically modified to have certain desired traits. This raises ethical concerns about the manipulation of human life.
  • CANCER- a study has shown that CRISPR editing in humans and animals can cause cancer 
  • Security risks: CRISPR could be used to create biological weapons. This is a serious concern, as CRISPR could be used to create highly contagious and deadly diseases.

CRISPR editing can cause thousands unintended genetic changes

CRISPR Genetic Modification of our Food Supply

Scientists are busy working on genetically modifying our food.  The first CRISPR edited mustard greens are already on the market, and new CRISPR soy with pig genes inserted into to make the soy taste  like meat is in the works.

Researchers have discovered that CRISPR editing wreaks havoc in the plant genome causing several hundred unintended genetic changes that affects large parts of the genome like a tsunami.

As reported by GMWatch in June 2023, researchers have discovered7 that CRISPR-Cas gene editing ends up wreaking havoc in the plant genome:8

“Recent scientific findings have revealed chromothripsis-like effects after the application of CRISPR/Cas gene editing in the genome of tomatoes … Chromothripsis refers to a phenomenon in which often several hundred genetic changes occur simultaneously in a catastrophic event. Many sections of the genetic material can be swapped, recombined, or even lost if this occurs …”

Importantly, the same catastrophic cascades of gene swaps, recombination and loss also occurs in animal and human cells in response to gene editing. Actually, that’s been known for some time.

This is the first time they’ve found that CRISPRthripsis occurs in gene edited plants as well, and the unintended genetic alterations not only occur far more frequently than previously suspected, but they also occur across large parts of the genome.

calling for a moratorium on crispr editing!

The whole world should be calling for a moratorium on all CRISPR editing. The clock is ticking before it will be too late.  This is moving too fast.  

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