Need a Health Reset? 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

If you've made New Years Resolutions regarding your health in the past and had trouble sticking with them, know that there are steps you can take to make a plan and actually stick with it.

The first Step of reaching any goal is deciding what we want and why. 

Health is one of those things that we can't compromise on. It should be one of our top priorities, especially as we age.  

Living with chronic disease just isn't living.

And if we do it to ourselves through bad diet choices, then we have to live with the extra guilt. 

If G-d gave us a healthy body, it's our responsibility to take care of it.

Yet somehow health is the one thing that almost everyone puts on the backburner by going out to restaurants and fast food chains every day, stressing, alcohol consumption, and buying refined commercial food products. 

This is a battle that must be fought every day. And if you fall, don't let it be an excuse to eat junk and continue the downward spiral. Pick yourself up immediately. 

Achieving good Health is a never ending process and lifestyle that we must follow throughout our lives.  

Especially, If one is facing a chronic health crisis such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer it would be wise to set extreme short term goals to face the challenge head on.  The more severe the situation, obviously the stricter you will have to be with yourself.

Keep in mind though, that No matter how severe your health condition is there is almost always a way to improve or even heal completely. 

And its amazing what the body can accomplish even in a short time, let alone if we commit long term to a healthy lifestyle.

Need a Health Reset? 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

To achieve our goals, we have to change our mindset.

One of the most compelling reasons to take care of our health is to show kindness and appreciation to the body that G-d gave us. To treat it with respect instead of treating it like a garbage dump for fast food, processed food, medications, and alcohol.

We have to understand, that treating the body with such disrespect over long periods of time carries the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and autoimmune diseases like MS and arthritis. 

Below are basic Steps you can Take to Achieve your Health Goals:  



The first step of achieving any goal is deciding WHAT you want and WHY

First take a few minutes to write down your health goals. Include short term goals and long term goals. Brainstorm and don't stop writing. 

Depending upon who you are your paper might look something like this:  

  • swap out processed foods for Healthy foods
  • lose 10,20,30 or more pounds
  • lower my blood sugar levels
  • heal arthritis
  • Get off diabetic meds by the end of the year
  • lower the amount of medications I'm taking to protect my kidneys from long term damage
  • prepare healthy meals for myself instead of eating fast food
  • do fresh juicing every day
  • lower my stress levels
  • exercise every day
  • get off psych meds
  • sleep better at night
  • Increase energy
  • Get out in Nature
  • improve my immunity
  • stress less

Once you 've done this Write Down WHY You want to Achieve each of these goals. 

For example: if I lower my blood sugar levels I'll protect not only pancreas, but I'll also prevent the development of heart disease and kidney disease, live longer, be less stressed about my health, etc.....

For each goal set a deadline: a few weeks, one months, a few months, a year. 

"Goals are dreams with a deadline" Tony Robbins


Choose your most important health goal and write down a practical plan of how you will reach this goal every day. 

Write down in detail what steps you will commit to take every day. 

For example: If your goal was to lower blood sugar, steps to achieve your goal might be: commit to eating 2 slices of ancient grain bread from Josephs Organic Bakery every day (see image down below), drink 2 cups of green and cistus tea per day, walk for a minimum of 30 minutes 3-4 times a week, eat a vegetable salad and fresh berries every day. 

You will also have to write down a list of what foods to avoid such as sugar or artificial sweeteners, avoid chicken meat and fish. 


Otherwise it just gets too difficult.

Set realistic steps that you will be able to accomplish. 

For the rest of your goals write 1-2 steps you can do every day or a few times per week as well. 


Identify your triggers, or what caused you to fail in the past. 

Write down a list of triggers, and every time you encounter them change your mental state.

For example, if you tend to eat late night protein meals which is disastrous for diabetics, identify what's causing you to eat late. Is it because you're skipping breakfast and lunch? 

Or perhaps you tend to eat out a lot, which is unhealthy due to toxic ingredients in restaurant foods, then figure out what's causing you to eat out. Is it loneliness? Is this your way of socializing? Then discover other activities like dancing, take a course or a hobby. There are healthier ways to socialize that wont jeopardize your health.

Are you eating out because you're not preparing your meals in advance or stocking your fridge with fruits and vegetables? 

You dont want to get to the point where you're starving and the only thing you can eat fast is fast food, restaurant food, or a bag of potato chips.  

Take the time in the early morning to prepare mentally what you're going to eat, or stock your freezer with frozen vegetables and bread from Joseph's organic Bakery, which is really the best bread for diabetics.  

And this applies to anyone trying to go on a healthy diet: If you are the type of person that eats junk whenever you get stressed or depressed and you reach for the nearest bag of chips or ice cream, then next time when you get into a negative mental state, right then and there take a walk around the block, smile from ear to ear, force yourself to laugh, or do something silly.  The key is to do something physical that will change your mental state so you can avoid emotional eating.

This step is about identifying what has caused you to fail in the past and discovering a solution. 

Let your Brain lead the way not your emotions.


Get Leverage: Associate Pain with Not Changing 


We have to reach a point where we cant continue for even one more minute living this way.  

Ask yourself what will it cost me if I dont Change?

If I dont lose weight or lower my blood pressure, I might end up with chronic health conditions because excess weight leads to heart disease and diabetes. Or if I dont lower my blood pressure, it puts me at risk for heart attack. 

Or If I dont improve my health, I wont be around to enjoy life with my grandchildren etc....

For a person to commit to change, he has to take the consequences of not changing very seriously. 



Show Love and Respect to Your Body because the body that G-d gave us takes care of us. 

Every day we that we are able to breathe, digest food, walk, we have to realize that our body is working hard to accomplish these 'basic' tasks for us. 

So many things are happening all day long just to keep the body functioning, the heart beating, the lungs breathing, the nervous system signaling. Its truly mind-boggling when we think about it. Over 30 trillion cells need to be maintained every day.

We shouldn't take these thing for granted.

If we truly feel gratitude, we will try to give to the body in return, by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Thus in essence showing gratitude to G-d.

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