The Digestive Benefits of Einkorn: Unraveling the Superiority Over Modern Wheat

In the last 15 years, many individuals who have experienced digestive discomfort after consuming modern wheat have gone gluten free.  Well today, the tides are turning towards ancient wheat varieties like Einkorn as more and more people discover that going gluten free for long periods of time is plain and simply bad for health.  Gluten free breads and baked goods contain seeds, nuts, and gums that aggravate the digestive system as well tax the kidneys.  

Consuming Modern wheat is also harmful to health.

Modern wheat or dwarf wheat is a hybrid genetically modified mix of many different types of grasses and wheat. It was Hybridized on purpose in order to increase gluten content. More gluten means that bakers can use less flour, yet still get a big loaf.  But this new and increased gluten content is very irritating to the gut.


In fact, modern wheat was hybridized to such an extent that  it's barely wheat, perhaps a distant relative. 


Ancient wheat like Einkorn has not been hybridized or genetically modified like modern wheat varieties that are made up of 7 different types of grasses some of which aren't even fit for human consumption.

Einkorn is one of the oldest grains in the world.  Einkorn was around during Biblical times. 

Einkorn is easier on digestion than other types of wheat but what is the reason?  

Read below to learn why.

einkorn wheat

einkorn wheat is more easily digestible than modern wheat

why is einkorn better for digestion than modern wheat?

Einkorn's Chromosomal Count and Starch Content: 

Modern wheat is genetically different to Einkorn.  It has been modified to such an extent that it  contains 42 chromosomes. Einkorn, on the other hand, only contains 14 chromosomes.

As the modern wheat berry's physical size has increased along with chromosomal count, there has been a proportional increase in its starch content, which negatively impacts the gut,

The Unique Prebiotic Carbohydrate in Einkorn

Einkorn  contains a special carbohydrate called fructans that contributes to its prebiotic effect. Prebiotic foods support the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Fructans selectively stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon. Unlike other fibers, the fructans found in einkorn directly impact bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, promoting their growth (Sanz et al., 2005). Research suggests that incorporating einkorn into one's diet could lead to increased diversity in health-promoting bacteria, which helps maintain the intestinal mucosa and reduce inflammation (Volkmann et al., 2019)).

High Protein Content in Einkorn

The other reason that Einkorn is more digestible is because of it’s protein content.  Over time wheat has been modified so much that it is estimated that 5% of proteins in wheat are new ones.

Modern wheat has been crossed with two different goat grasses over time. One of those goat grasses contained the D genome of gluten which has been the source of the most  intolerance. Gluten is made up of two proteins found within different grains. Glutenin and Gliadin.

Along with changes to wheat, these proteins have been altered too. Example. Gliadin is the protein that causes most of the problems with allergies to wheat. Einkorn has a higher ratio of Gliadin to Glutenin, yet has been found in multiple studies to have a far less affect on those with allergies.  According to this study, it probably has to do with the rich amino acid composition that lies within the Einkorn Proteins.

Remember Einkorn Contains the Original A genome of gluten, whereas Modern wheat also contains the D Genome of gluten, which has brought with it so many changes to the protein structure of wheat. You can tell when you work with Einkorn versus Modern Wheat that the gluten is quite different. The gluten in modern wheat allows for it’s elasticity and high rise. When I work with Einkorn the dough it is not as elastic and breaks down quicker. Which is why kneading for long periods of time is not necessary, it will begin to break down the proteins of the dough.

In addition to promoting gut health, einkorn’s unique protein structure sets this heritage grain apart from other grains, including other ancient grains.  These naturally occurring proteins, called ATIs, are highly resistant to digestion, constituting a portion of the protein content in common wheat as well as spelt and emmer.  Einkorn flour is unique in its absence or minimal presence of these certain ATI molecules.  With an inhibitory effect on enzymes that interfere with digestion, causing bloating, headache, chronic fatigue and more, it not surprising that modern wheat’s lack of digestibility is a result of radical hybridization of a once wild grain. 

gut health benefits of einkorn

  1. Reduced Inflammation: Numerous studies have highlighted the potential for einkorn to alleviate digestive inflammation. A study by Shewry and Hey (2015) found that einkorn contains bioactive compounds that possess anti-inflammatory properties, which could potentially mitigate symptoms associated with digestive disorders.

  2. Enhanced Digestive Enzyme Activity: Research indicates that einkorn may improve the activity of digestive enzymes. A study published in Food Chemistry revealed that einkorn flour contains higher levels of certain enzymes, such as amylases and proteases, which aid in breaking down complex carbohydrates and proteins during digestion (Hidalgo et al., 2019).

  3. Lower Risk of Digestive Disorders: Einkorn has shown promise in reducing the risk of certain digestive disorders. A study by De Santis et al. (2017) demonstrated that individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) experienced fewer symptoms and improved gut health after switching to a diet incorporating einkorn.

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  3. Shewry and Hey (2015) - The study focused on the anti-inflammatory properties of einkorn, emphasizing its potential to alleviate digestive inflammation and related symptoms.

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  5. De Santis et al. (2017) - The study assessed the impact of einkorn on individuals with IBS, showcasing the potential of einkorn to reduce symptoms and improve overall gut health

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