These 5 GMOs Hidden in Your Food Are Destroying Your Health

top 5 GMO foods that are destroying the Nation

Our food supply is tainted with GMOs plants that are wreaking havoc on our health. Motivated by greed and profits, food manufacturers use the cheapest ingredients possible which include GMO plants like corn and soy. In fact, its nearly impossible to find processed foods out there that don't contain corn or soy.

GMO corn and soy are genetically engineered to withstand the tremendous amounts of Monsanto's cancer causing ROUNDUP herbicide. GE soybeans have been found to contain residue levels as high as 17 mg/kg, and malformations in frog and chicken embryos have occurred at just over 2 mg/kg. 

Every time we ingest corn (commonly in the form of high fructose corn syrup) or soy we increase our chances of developing cancer and other health conditions due to the herbicides to the poisonous herbicides they are liberally sprayed with.


Americans consume more than 16 million metric tons of edible oils annually, and soybean oil accounts for about 11,339 metric tons of it. 

Soybean is naturally highly unstable. To prevent it from spoiling quickly, food manufacturers put it through a process of partial hydrogenation, which creates trans fats.  This process increases its shelf life, but the problem is it transforms the oil into an unnatural state into trans fats, trans fats are not recognizable to our bodies and have loads of health risks, including cancer, low immune function, Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.  

Even if a product contains partially hydrogenated oils which by nature would mean they contain high levels of trans fats, food manufacturers can still claim they have zero trans fats due to labelling laws. 

All Corn, soy, and the other commodities listed below that are grown throughout the world are over 90% GMO, which means that unless these foods are specifically labeled non-GMO (if you trust non-GMO labeling), there is over a 90% chance that if you buy processed foods with these ingredients, they are genetically modified.

The dangers of consuming GMO foods are no secret and the problem is about to get much worse with CRISPR gene editing technology. Developed in the last 10 years, companies are scrambling to genetically modify what's left of the food supply which will make virtually impossible to buy any processed foods whatsoever.  If 70% of all processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients now, within the next decade it will be more like 90%. because CRISPR makes genetic modification so easy that even physics students can modify genes.  It requires very little training.  

The consequences of genetically modifying the world's food supply are far reaching and devastating to our physical and emotional health. 

Yet because the law doesn't require GMO labeling in most states, consumers are unaware that the foods they eat in large quantities every day are Genetically modified.  

Over 70% of foods sold in supermarkets have GMO ingredients!

Below is a list of 5 Common GMO Ingredients Lurking in Your Meals

1) Canola Oil- Over 90% of canola is genetically modified. So coupled with the fact that it contains high levels of Roundup glyphosate, its also almost always partially hydrogenated, which means it contains high levels of trans fats.

2) Corn or High Fructose Corn Syrup- Over 94% of corn is genetically modified. Corn oi is used in many fast food chains for frying. High fructose Corn syrup is a common ingredient in sweets, snacks, dressings, ice cream etc... Corn starch, cornmeal are all GMO.

3) Soy- Over 93% of soy is genetically modified. Soy lecithin is in everything from snacks, dressings, sauces, ice creams, just about everything has genetically modified soy. Soybean oil is a common frying oil in many restaurants and fast food chains. As stated above soybean oil is very high in trans fats and in general is not a healthy oil.

4) Sugar Beets- White or Brown Sugar Made from Beets- Most table sugar is made from Beets. Unless it specifies cane sugar, the sugar in most processed foods comes from GMO beets.

5) Potatoes- Potatoes such as White Russet, Ranger Russet, Russet Burbank, and Atlantic potatoes are Genetically modified. Ranger Russet is the nations most popular potato. GM potatoes could be in the potato starch or dextrose of your favorite foods. There are some Gold potatoes that are GMO as well. Go organic and non-gmo with potatoes. 

If you eat out at restaurants, know that the french fries are probably fried in GMO corn or soybean oil, your fried chicken is fried in GMO oil, and even your salad dressing is tainted with GMO vegetable oils (a clever way to rename or disguise soybean oil).  

And the list of GMO foods don't end there. 

Just a few months ago, the FDA approved the first genetically modified cow for human consumption. The news was devastating to me, but it should be devastating to the whole world. The future of the world is at risk.  This is a direct war against G-d, against His creations, and against humanity. The health consequences will be vast. Expect The cow to be on supermarket shelves within the year.

So now that we know that GMOs are in most processed foods unless stated otherwise, its time to take action by avoiding them at all costs. 

If avoid all processed foods and eat basic foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables its very possible to avoid GMOs. 

We can fight this situation with our wallets and if you have the means, by growing your own food or supporting farmers that grow non-GMO produce.

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Trans Fats In Soybean Oil and Canola Oil Cause Cancer and More

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