Why you Need to Detox To Lose Weight

Our weight says a lot about our state of health.

A healthy body is able to maintain healthy weight.

If you're overweight, suffer from obesity, or even if you have an extra 10-20 pounds around the waistline, then that's an indication that your body is struggling. Its struggling with inflammation, toxins, or high insulin levels. Your body may be struggling with one of these or with all three.

Did you know that fat cells do much more than store fat? Did you know that our bodies purposely create and hold onto fat cells? And not just to store fat. It may sound crazy, but its true.

Fat cells serve an important purpose.

Fat cells not only store fat, but they also store toxins.

Normally the liver and colon is able to effectively remove toxins from the body, but, if the liver and colon are clogged up, then they cant do their job effectively. In other words, if your normal detoxification pathways are blocked, then fat cells will provide a temporary solution.

For example, If our digestion is weak and our colon is flooded with putrefying foods and bacteria, the toxins in the colon will leak through the intestinal wall into the blood stream.

The body will attempt to keep the blood and vital organs clean and pure at all costs. So, it creates fat cells to "safely" store the hazardous toxins. This is a temporary solution.

At the end of the day, toxins have to be stored somewhere.

For this reason, No matter how much some people work out at the gym, their bodies will hold on to their fat cells. When we lose weight, the fat cells release their stored toxins into the blood stream, and we have to have a strong detoxification network operating in order for us not to get sick. So the body will not get rid of the fat cells until it feels healthy and secure enough to let them go.

That's why its so hard for people to lose weight. Because they are not detoxing.
A prime example of the danger of weight loss without detoxification, is in the elderly population. Elderly people often lose their appetites as the age, and it's accompanied with weight loss and loss of body fat. This drastic weight loss in the elderly, can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's because the toxins that were stored in the now dissolved fat cells around their waist lines and thighs are now circulating freely in the body. And where is the only place left for them to be stored? The fat cells in the brain. The brain is made up of 70% fat.
This illustrates just how important it is to detox while losing weight.

So Where are these toxins coming from to begin with?

Every day we are exposed to chemicals in our environment, heavy metals (from fish, dental work, or vaccines), nitrates in meats, bleaching agents in chicken, preservatives in our foods, prescription and non-prescription medications which clog the liver, household cleaning agents, etc....

In addition, toxins are produced in the body when we eat acidic or sugary foods.

One of the biggest causes of acidity and toxins in the body is the consumption of animal proteins. When we eat meat, chicken or fish, it takes tremendous effort for the body to break down the proteins. Toxins such as Uric acid, ammonia, and purines are all created as a result of the digestion of these animal proteins.

Farmed fish are pumped full of antibiotics and pesticides, and wild fish are full of heavy metals and chemicals from our contaminated oceans. I know a few people who got cancers and mercury poisoning from fish.

And Where do all these toxins get stored?
In our fat cells.

Some people lose weight on a high animal protein diet, but that doesn't mean there isn't a price to pay down the line. The liver and kidneys will get clogged up with uric acid ammonia and toxins. Kidney and or liver disease can result if this continues.

Unlike lions and tigers we are just not built to digest meat on a regular basis. Our teeth are not as sharp, we dont have enough stomach acid, and our digestive tract is too long which leads the meat rotting in our colon before it exists.

Especially as we age, and our digestion weakens, its a mistake for people to continue eating animal proteins.

And of course, I've written before about the terrible effect that meat has on our insulin levels.
One piece of steak requires the same amount of insulin to process as 1/2 pound of sugar!
And as we know, too much insulin floating around promotes fat storage!
So if you want to avoid wearing down your pancreas, and acidifying the body, then avoid animal proteins.

How Can I Detoxify to Lose Weight?

Step 1 as I've explained above, is to avoid foods and chemicals that cause toxic buildup such as animal proteins, pesticides on non-organic fruits and veggies, dangerous household chemicals, all processed foods, and medications.

Step 2 Medications, whether prescribed or not, flood the liver with toxins. Many Americans can be taking over 5 prescriptions at once, many of which have side effects, and all of which put strain on our detoxification system. Work with your medical provider, psychiatrist, or holistic doctor to lower your medications. If your medical provider does not want to help, find someone else that will. Get on a healthy diet plan so that you can eliminate the need for medications altogether.

Step 3: Adopt a healthy vegan diet plan that helps you eliminate toxins naturally, with detoxifying herbal teas and proper stone ground bread. Avoid all processed foods. Fresh juicing with lots of green vegetables like kale, parsley cilantro and spinach. Beets, carrots and celery are also great for juicing and they detox the liver. The detox diet is very simple and it consists of proper bread, vegetables (cooked, raw, and juiced), and fruits (especially organic berries). After 2 weeks the body will feel lighter and cleaner.


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