Diabetes High Mineral Water - Alkaline - Supports the Pancreas

Diabetes High Mineral Water - Alkaline - Supports the Pancreas

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This Diabetes Water sourced from a special spring, is known for its pancreas supporting effects.  It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps repair the pancreas.   It naturally contains high amounts of magnesium, which relieves stress and supports the pancreas
Thanks to its high calcium content, it strengthens the skeletal system (prevents osteoporosis, also recommended for convalescents after injuries and fractures, the elderly, and athletes.

This water also contains Potassium. Potassium deficiency in the body causes a number of adverse symptoms such as painful muscle cramps, sagging skin, and cardiac arrhythmia.

The delicate balance of Magnesium and potassium in this water helps the maintenance of the body's cellular balance.

It also contains naturally occurring lithium, which is an important micronutrient that plays a protective role in the body. It improves mood and mental health. Lithium deficiency leads to apathy and depression.

Original Price $10 per bottle, Discounted pack of 4 - price $8 per bottle 

Joseph's Healing Waters are sourced from medicinal European Springs.  These are natural waters from three different springs, each spring is very high in specific minerals and have been visited for centuries for their healing effects. We don't add anything to the water. It's in its natural state.   The clear waters are packaged in dark bottles to prevent UV light from penetrating the bottle.



  • Improves Pancreatic Function*

  • Reduces Inflammation*

  • Reduces Stress*

  • Strengthens Bones and Muscles*


Suggested Use: 1 Bottle per day

Original Price $10 per bottle, Discounted pack of 4 - price $8 per bottle 

Contents: 0.5 L

Recommendations: Do not eat raw vegetables or fruit for 1 hour before drinking this water. Best to consume 1 glass of the Diabetes water on an empty stomach between meals throughout the day. Doesn't replace drinking spring water. At least half of your daily water intake should be spring water. 

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