Digestive Support Diet Plan - Sample 14 Day Plan

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Our digestive support diet program incorporates food, teas and unique herbal supplements from Portugal and Japan.  This Digestive Support Program is a 2 week starter program.  The source of digestive illnesses is unhealthy food and stress. Stone ground Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason.   Food is Medicine.  Real Healthy Sourdough Bread and sauerkraut can actually help support digestive system due to their natural fiber and probiotic content. 
Our bread is real healthy bread.  We stone grind our kamut ancient grain fresh every day for optimal nutrient levels. Most store bought is made with old flour which has no nutrients left. Even wholegrain flour has between 20-50% of the healthy bran and wheat germ removed to promote store shelf stability.
At Joseph's Organic Bakery we stone grind our grain, then we start the fermentation process. This ensures the HIGHEST NUTRIENT TO CALORIE RATIO Possible.  Our bread is high in fiber as well.  We focus on making every bite count.  If the body is properly nourished then food cravings will disappear.  The right kind of bread promotes physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Additionally studies have shown that KAMUT lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss.  Our sourdough is unlike any other. We do not add any white or refined flour to our bread & baked goods. We use 100% ORGANIC wholegrain kamut.  OUR BREAD HELPS MAINTAIN STEADY BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS WHICH ALSO AIDS WEIGHT LOSS. Many of our clients have lost weight safely and effectively.

OUR Herbal Teas
Our special Herbal tea blends support and strengthen the digestive tract. Formulated by expert herbalists, these teas are like no other. They include the bark, leaves, and roots of the herbs for ultimate potency.  We have different digestive teas for different concerns.
Our 2 Week Sample Program INLCUDES:
6 loaves of Kamut bread - $15 each  $90 total 
1 Digestive  Tea  (#32 Tea for IBS with Diarrhea or #6 Tea for IBS with constipation or digestive rejuvenation or #31 Tea for bloating )  $45  (please indicate which one you prefer)
$30 Discounted Shipping Included in Price
Please contact us for more info & for Program instructions at 954-541-4062
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