Kidney Support High Mineral Water - Pack of 6

Kidney Support High Mineral Water - Pack of 6

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Joseph's Healing Waters are sourced from medicinal European Springs.  These are natural waters from three different springs, each spring is very high in specific minerals and have been visited for centuries for their healing effects. We dont add anything to the water. It's in its natural state.  
This kidney water is rich in calcium bicarbonate sorrel with chloride content.  It has diuretic properties and potential for the treatment of kidney stones.  Its diuretic properties help the kidneys remove salt and water through the urine. This lowers the amount of fluid flowing through the veins and arteries.
This water helps dissolve kidney stones and prevents their formation.
Also used in the treatment of other diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.
Helps balance urination.  For those suffering from frequent urination, it helps decrease frequent urination.  

as well as atherosclerosis it significantly lowers cholesterol.
Minerals in the water help restore and balance electrolytes.


  • Improves Kidney Function*

  • Helps reduce Frequent Urination* 

  • Supports the Prostate Health*

  • Helps Dissolve Kidney Stones*

  • Balances Cholesterol Levels


Suggested Use: 1 Bottle per day

Contents: 0.5 L each

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