Florida Bill would Criminalize the Production and Sale of Lab Grown Meat

A Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill that would criminalize the sale of lab grown meat. Finally someone is taking a stance against the genetic modification, artificialization, and absolute destruction of our food supply. 


The bill, known as House Bill 435, aims to criminalize violators, saying anyone who violates the ban would be subject to a second-degree misdemeanor.

State Rep. Tyler Sirois, who introduced the bill earlier this week, said that he believes lab-grown meat is an "affront to nature and creation" and is part of the latest initiative in the "ESG agenda." 


"I think it raises important ethical concerns about the limitations and boundaries we should place on this type of science," he said. "I think you could see a very slippery slope here leading to things like cloning, which are very troubling to me."


Consultancy firm Kearney estimated that a third of the global meat supply would be provided by lab grown meats within the next decade. By 2040 more than half of our “meat” is likely to be lab grown. The report concludes that these new methods “will disrupt not only the meat industry, but the entire food industry. Products such as milk, egg white, gelatin and fish can be created with similar technology.”


Hopefully the Florida bill will be passed, in which case Florida would be the first state to ban lab grown meat in the United States.


Something has to be done to prevent this complete and total destruction of the food supply. 

lab grown chicken dangers

Italy Bans Lab grown meat, where is the usda? the FDA?

Last week, the country of Italy banned the production and sale of lab grown entirely. 

A year ago, Italy's agriculture minister, vowed to prevent "synthetic food" from reaching consumers. 

"We are safeguarding our food, our system of nutrition, by maintaining the relationship between food, land and human labour that we have enjoyed for millennia," Mr Lollobrigida told Italian TV.

"We have to protect our workers, our agricultural entrepreneurs and citizens who have the right to eat well."


On the other hand, in the United States, the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) approved the sale of lab grown chicken last June, allowing two companies, Upside Foods and Good Meat, to serve their meat in restaurants and supermarkets.  


Of course, the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, who care very little about the health of the American population, determined products from both companies are safe to eat. 


Not surprisingly , globalists like Boll Gates are big investors in lab grown meats.


Right now, lab grown meat is being served in a Washington D.C. restaurant.


To understand the dangers of lab grown meats we have to understand how its made.


What is Lab Grown Meat?

Lab-grown chicken and meat looks identical to standard meat. The cultivation process begins with cells extracted from real chickens via biopsy using long needles, no doubt a painful process. Then the chicken cells are taken to a lab and grown in tanks. They are genetically modified and programmed to replicate time and time again.


In fact, lab grown meat is made up of onco cells similar to cancer cells. 

Cells are not supposed to reproduce endlessly naturally, its completely abnormal. 

In order to keep the cells growing, they are bathed in fetal serum (taken from chickens or cows) or some sort of synthetic serum alternative.  

However, this process of non-stop cell growth would encourage the growth of cancer cells as well.  And whoever eats this “meat” could be exposing themselves to serious cancer risk. 

Touted as a process that is “cruelty free” and will "save the planet" this lab grown meat actually involves animal cruelty, poses a cancer risk to those that consume it, and will harm the environment. 

Within the tanks themselves, huge amounts of antibiotics and antimicrobials will have to be used to keep the “meat” and tanks sterile.

Eating this meat will be equivalent to taking hefty doses of anti-biotics.

And unlike a real animal which removes toxins through urine and feces, the toxins from the production process will remain in the meat and anyone eating it will be exposed.

Demand Moratorium on all genetically modified meat

We can only hope that state representatives around the country will wake up to the severe danger our food supply is facing. 

The health hazard of lab grown meat is tremendous.

The farther we move away from natural food and natural farming the bigger the impact will be on our health.

Even worse is the genetic modification of animal meat necessary to the production of the lab grown meat. 

Its bad enough that many common vegetables, fruit, and grains have been genetically modified. 

But now its extending beyond that to animals.  In addition to lab grown meat, the FDA has approved genetically modified cows for human consumption.

We are facing a major threat to the integrity of not only the food supply, but to every living thing, from plants to animals to people.

Human cloning has begun using genetic modification of stem cells, with "synthetic"

human embryos being grown in labs across the world, avoiding the need for human sperm and egg from the typical mother father scenario. Its still in the beginning stages, but its one of the worst things that science has ever done.

CRISPR technology is being used to genetically modify vegetables and grains.

We have to demand a moratorium on all genetic modification right now!

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