Fat The Good the Bad and The Ugly

Did you know that eating animal fats and proteins increases your risk of heart attack by 50%? And that diets high in animal fats and proteins also increase diabetes risk by 35-50%! Even fish which is touted as a "health food" can increase diabetes risk. A study of over 200,000 people showed that the more fish you consume the higher the risk of diabetes.

Researchers at the Biomedical research center in Baton Rouge studied 10 healthy men who were placed on an animal high fat diet. They accumulated a lot of Intramyocellular fat.  Intramyocellular fat disrupts insulin signaling and SHUTS OFF the cells ability to burn fat!

So when we eat a diet high in animal and trans fats not only are we packing in the fat and increasing diabetes risk, but we are halting our bodies fat burning capabilities. Essentially its a double assault on the body.

If you have heart disease or diabetes (diabetics have a high incidence of heart disease) its important to realize that animal fats and proteins cause inflammation and damage to the blood vessel walls. This leads to inflammation, bleeding, and blood clots. Blood clots are the number one cause of strokes and heart attacks. Consumption of Animal products also cause thickening of the blood.

A study published in 2000 measured the arteries of 10 people on low carb high protein diets compared to 16 people on a vegetarian diet high in fruit and veggies. The people on the whole foods vegetarian diets had a reversal of heart disease, with 40% improved blood flow throughout the heart. And their clogged arteries cleared up. While those on the high protein diet exhibited rapid advancement of heart disease with 40% decrease in blood flow through the heart, 

When we cook or fry animal proteins and fats (including red meat, chicken and fish), the fats actually go through a chemical change and trans fats are formed.  Additionally, beneficial enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process.


The Peanut oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and margarine that you see in the supermarket are heated at high heat to become shelf stable. This high heat process is called hydrogenation. During the hydrogenation process trans fats are formed. Hydrogenated fats are very damaging to health. A large study in over 80,000 women noted that those who consumed the most trans fats had a 40% higher risk of diabetes. Just a 2% increase in dietary trans fats correlates to a 23% higher risk of heart disease!  Unfortunately, it is very hard to find these oils in natural non-hydrogenated form. And most of these oils are almost all genetically modified as well.

So we've seen that cooked animal fats, trans fats, and hydrogenated fats are detrimental to our health, especially if we are suffering from diabetes or heart disease.  However, uncooked unheated plant sourced  fats in moderation can be protective and healing. 


So Which Fats are Healthy to Consume?

Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil can withstand the high temperatures of cooking. It is a stable oil. Extra virgin Olive oil  can be used to dress salads or for cooking on low heat. Organic Flax oil, hemp oil, and sesame oil can be used sometimes as long as they aren't heated.  Eating avocado with your meal can provide necessary healthy fat. Nuts and seeds also provide healthy fats as long as they are eaten in moderation on top of a salad or vegetable dish. If you eat them as a snack you run the risk of putting on the weight and disrupting digestion. 


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