The Truth About Dairy: rBGH and antibiotics in cows milk might be destroying your health

If you think drinking milk and consuming cheeses and yogurts is healthy, think again. In fact, dairy might be behind your inflammation, digestive problems, diabetes and even cancer.  

The reason why dairy is so toxic is the awful way dairy cows are treated, as well as the ultra pasteurization process.

In the shadowy world of dairy farming, a web of exploitation and suffering unravels beneath the glossy facade of milk production. Behind the sanitized images of happy cows grazing in green pastures lies a grim reality of separation, confinement, and manipulation. 

The systematic use of antibiotics and growth hormones like rBGH to keep cows producing milk at a unnatural pace,  the use of vaccines which contain all sorts of antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients, and the slaughter of very sick antibiotic treated cows for red meat, paint a harrowing portrait of an industry driven by profit at the expense of our health.

A 2001 study found that men with the highest dairy intakes had double the risk of prostate cancer, compared to low consumers.

Keep in mind , cheeses are much more concentrated than milk, so they will have much higher levels of toxic hormone and antibiotic residue that milk.

why do we overeat?

Growth Hormones like rBGH And Antibiotics in dairy

For over 50 years in the United States farmers and ranchers have been using growth hormones and growth implants. These growth hormones enhance muscle leanness, increase average daily gain, stimulate feed intake, and enhance rate of gain. There are around 30 different growth promotants that are available for use in the cattle industry

One of these hormones rBGH, is used to increase milk production. rBGH, or recombinant bovine growth hormone, is a genetically engineered synthetic hormone created by Monsanto (now Bayer) to increase milk production levels. Studies have found that rBGH usage results in increased cases of mastitis infections, which ultimately requires higher levels of antibiotics.

Those antibiotics wind up in our milk and meat , which is a big part of the reason why there are so many anti-biotic resistant infections. We are unknowingly consuming antibiotics every time we eat dairy or meat, which is destroying our gut. 

Drinking milk or eating meat from rBGH-treated cows increases blood levels of growth hormone or IGF-1 in people, and if it does, if there are any health effects, including increasing the risk of cancer.

IGF-1 in milk and meat from rBGH-treated cows

Several studies have found that higher levels of IGF-1 may influence the development of certain tumors.

Some early studies found a possible link between blood levels of IGF-1 and the development of prostate , breast , colorectal , and other cancers,


Three natural steroid hormones (estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone), and 3 synthetic surrogates (zeranol, melengestrol, trenbolone) remain in widespread use by US and Canadian beef cattle producers to boost growth and production; concurrent use of more than 1 steroid is approved.


Paseturization destroys the natural ezymes in dairy which makes digestion even harder

Raw milk is better for you, such as raw goats milk, but its very hard to find. 

Mucus Producing effects of dairy

Dairy is one of the most mucus forming foods.  Mucus in the digestive tract inhibits the absorption of nutrients. 

Excessive mucus begins to harden, which slows down bowel cleansing and elimination.  

Milk causes internal irritation and congestion.

Diabetes and Cows Milk

Cow’s milk has been linked with an increased incidence of autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes

Research has indicated that the presence of cow’s insulin within cow’s milk leads to an increased number of autoantibodies which causes the body to attack pancreas cells, and which raises the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetics should be aware that the inflammatory effects of dairy will negatively impact their health outcomes.

Alternatives to cows milk

1) Raw-non pasteurized goats milk

2) Leafy greens high in calcium- kale, romaine lettuce, brocoli,cucumber, cauliflower. 

3) alternatives to yogurt- probiotic foods like SAUERKRAUT, and COCONUT WATER KEFIR

4) fresh coconut milk

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