These Common Chemicals in the Food Supply & In our Environment Could be jeopardizing your health

Chemicals in common foods and toxins in our environment are all contributing to the cancer epidemic this country is experiencing as well as to the high obesity rates. Obesity contributes to all diseases including diabetes cancer, 

It's imperative to avoid these toxins if we hope to live cancer and disease free, especially as we age.  

Chemicals in the food supply are endangering our health

Top Chemicals to Avoid

1) Mercury: 

Commonly found in big wild fish, like tuna & salmon, fish that live longer and grow to large size.Fish have a high fat content. Fat cells hold on to heavy metals like mercury. So when we consume fish even once or twice a week, it heavily contributes to mercury toxicity. Best to avoid fish entirely, our oceans are contaminated. 

Another source of mercury is silver fillings. Try to have them replaced safely with composite fillings. 

2) Arsenic- 

the prime source for arsenic in the diet is chicken and rice (specifically brown rice). Arsenic is added to Chicken feed, since arsenic is a powerful growth stimulant. Arsenic is a risk factor in diabetes cancer and specifically prostate cancer.


3) Chlorine- 

Chlorine is cancer causing.

Our tap water is chlorinated and flouridated, as well as swimming pools, etc. Try to put a filtration system in your home to filter out the chlorine and drink natural spring water.  Avoid chlorinated hot tubs and pools as much as possible.  

Chicken is sprayed with chlorine to disinfect. 



A study suggests Broken or scratched Teflon coating could lead to the release of 9000 plastic particles

  • Exposure to PFAS has been linked to health risks including liver disease and kidney cancer.Teflon coated cooking pots and pans  use glass steel or cast iron pots.  

5)Aspartame & Splenda- 

Once in the body they break down into carcinogenic compounds. And contributes to obesity.


6) Growth Hormone in Milk 

rBGH milk contains high levels of growth factor (IGF-1) implicated in breast and prostate cancer. Cheeses contain growth hormones in very high concentrations, much more than regular milk. 


7)Electromagnetic Radiation- 

Radiation from our iphone, and computers interferes with cell communication and cellular detoxification, if we cant detoxify , the body cant clear out toxins, and toxins start to build up, Heat generated from cellphones also causes cellular damage, leading to cancer and disease.

Best to remove all phones , computers and wifi devices from the bedroom. Most of our detoxification occurs at night.  Its important to gave quality sleep without being radiated.

Men should avoid placing iphones in their pants pockets as it can directly affect the reproductive organs. 


8) Pharmaceutical Drugs

Pharmaceutical Drugs kill a documented 100,000 people per year. However the number is most likely much higher. Modern medicine never actually claims to cure chronic conditions.  Modern medicine provides relief from symptoms, doctors will actually tell their patients, there is no cure for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive illness, arthritis and kidney disease .

however, the bandade in the form of pharmaceutical drugs, is not risk free. These drugs are made of chemicals that directly impact our cellular function, and clog up the liver and kidney with toxins. Once the liver and kidney are overwhelmed and cant eliminate these chemicals from the drugs, they have to find other places to store them. Thus weight gain, obesity, and a host of other diseases begin to arise.

Plus suppressing symtoms is not a good idea. It makes us think that the problem is solved. The truth is that pain and discomfort is a warning signal that something is wrong. Often the root cause of disease is bad diet or stress. If we dont fix our diets or lower stress levels, and then take pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms, the result is that things will just deteriorate with time and a person who was originally on one drugs winds up taking 5 drugs  for 5 different conditions. 

The solution for almost all disease is PROPER DIET and stress management.  

The solution for almost all disease is PROPER DIET and stress management.

So what can we do?

Try to eat less fish, meat, chicken , and dairy. Especially, for those above the age of 40 or for anyone with a  chronic medical condition. 

If you must buy meat and dairy, buy meat and chicken sourced from small organic farms. Avoid non-organic dairy like cheeses at all costs . Organic butter and goat kefir are better dairy options for children.


Avoid teflon cookware, avoid cellphone radiation at night by removing electronic and wifi devices from the bedroom or at least putting them on airplane mode far away from the bed, and avoid all artifical sweeteners.



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