Top 5 Japanese Herbs For Kidney Disease

Over 10% of the world population suffers from chronic kidney disease, and it is becoming increasingly common.  

Every year, more and more people are diagnosed with kidney disease in the United States, especially since medicare began covering dialysis, and we all know that doctors/nephrologists are not above wanting to make a buck off their patients. It is also quite possible that nephrologists get kickbacks from dialysis centers for every patient they send to them.  Long term outcomes for patients on dialysis are not great. According to the National Kidney Foundation, the average life expectancy for a patient on dialysis is only 5-10 years. For someone between the ages of 70 and 74, life expectancy is closer to four years on dialysis. 

Astronomical amounts of patients are being diagnosed daily, even patients with mild symptoms of kidney disease.  If we consider the fact that kidney disease may be a direct result or side effect of medication such as insulin and metformin, aspirin, high blood pressure meds, etc..., then perhaps lowering doses or avoiding these medications altogether should be the first step in "fighting" the disease.  The job of the kidneys is to filter fluids, medications, alcohol, etc... severely tax the kidneys which could result in lower functioning kidneys. 

Thankfully, there are many natural and effective ways of treating kidney disease; one of the most popular treatments in Kampo medicine, which is a ancient Japanese medical system, which includes the use of Japanese herbs.

Both conventional and traditional doctors in Japan use these herbs to treat chronic kidney disease and many other illnesses. Before we discuss the benefits of these herbs, here is an overview of Kampo and Kampo medicines.

top 5 herbs for kidney disease

Herbs for Kidney Disease from Japanese Medicine

Top 5 Japanese Herbs for Kidney Disease


Properties: Acrid, sweet, hot

Keihi is one of the most popular herbs in Kampo. It can significantly impact kidney diseases combined with other herbs such as Kanzo. This is because the Keihi has anti-inflammatory properties and is used for different inflammatory diseases. The Keihi herb is very popular in Kampo as it can help treat inflammatory renal diseases. It can help decrease the LPS-induced PGE2 production. This makes the herb useful for inflammatory responses to kidney problems.

Moreover, this herb helps with the modification of interstitial water retention. This improves kidney function and helps aid the healing.


Properties: Sweet, bland, balanced

The Chorei is a popular herb primarily used to treat and prevent CaOx kidney stones. It has bioactive metabolites that help with the treatment of kidney stones. The beta-glucans, terpenes, and provitamin D are all essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys. In many cases, Chorei has also helped prevent kidney injuries and further fibrosis.

The herb regulates fatty acyl metabolism as its biochemical mechanism. This is the renoprotective effect of the herb that can help with the prevention of renal fibrosis and is a better approach as compared to other medicines.

When Chorei is combined with other herbs such as Takusha, Bukuryo, and Kasseki, it can be very effective for kidney problems such as difficulty in urination, urinary infection, and even scanty urinary flow. 


Properties: Sweet, bland, balanced

The Bukuryo herb is a mushroom with chemical compositions that improve kidney functions significantly. It is typically used for chronic glomerulonephritis. This herb is a diuretic and is ideally used to improve urination and even reduce edema.. This herb helps with several kidney problems such as urinary issues, scanty urination, and Edema. It is very effective for Dysuria and infections in the urinary tract.


Properties: Sweet, bland, cold

Takusha is a very popular Japanese herb. Its primary purpose is to ideally prevent the formation of CaOx kidney stones and prevent them from reoccurring. The herb inhibits the CaOx aggregation, preventing the stones from forming. Moreover, the Takusha helps with the reduction of the urine pH and prevents the formation of crystals. Takusha is also found effective in stopping stone formation that happens with proliferation.


If you are suffering from chronic kidney disease, there are natural alternatives worth looking into.

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