Weight Loss Diet Plan

Our weight says a lot about our state of health. A healthy body should be able to maintain healthy weight. When we gain weight and can't take it off, it's an indication that something is wrong with our diet, lifestyle and overall health.

Consuming processed refined foods like white flours, sugars, starches, corn syrup causes blood sugar spikes. Elevated insulin levels in the body causes fat storage. As explained above these foods cause us to overeat because they are so devoid of nutrients and fiber.

Additionally, consuming trans fats, refined and heated vegetable oils causes weight gain and clogs up the arteries. Consuming animal proteins like meat, chicken and fish leads to weight gain. These foods are incredibly hard to digest, unless we are one of the rare individuals with a healthy amount of digestive enzymes. Most people over 40 just don't have enough enzymes to break down animal proteins.

A few conditions linked to weight gain include: Toxic overload (from bad diet and medications), high insulin levels (even without diabetes), low functioning thyroid, and a dysfunctional digestive system. These conditions all contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Bad diet is perhaps the biggest contributing factor behind the obesity epidemic we are facing, because bad diet can cause all of the above conditions, and it contributes to hunger symptoms that cause us to overeat. As we explained above, processed foods, which is about 70% of what's on supermarket shelves is highly processed and consuming these foods will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

why do we overeat?

Weight Loss Diet Plan at Joseph's Organic Bakery

A real Weight Loss Dieting Plan should not just be about shedding pounds; it's about reclaiming vitality and revitalizing your overall well-being. Our Weight Loss & Detoxification Support Program offers more than just a number on the scale—it's a pathway to metabolism reset, renewed energy, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and balanced insulin levels. By prioritizing your health and committing to this program, you'll not only lose weight but also obtain the benefits of a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

To accomplish this, we take a holistic approach by incorporating our ancient grain breads, various teas, herbs & superfoods to offset the years of abuse and toxic overload.

Plus our breads and superfoods will cleanse your palate and digestive system. These foods are high in probiotics, nutrients and naturally occurring fiber which will set you free from food addictions and overeating.

Our ancient grain sourdough breads are ALKALINE superfoods. Unlike toxic and acidic modern GMO wheat, ancient grains are non-GMO and actually have anti-inflammatory effects.

Discover the other superfoods in the plan by reading more down below.

Choose one of our Weight Loss Diet Plans that suits you and transform your health today!

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Joseph's Organic Bakery

Joseph's Organic Bakery was born with the desire to make a difference: our mission is to create the healthiest bread possible. We bake like a thousand years ago using only 3 ingredients: flour, water, and sea salt.

We use a special preparation process to ensure optimal vitamins minerals and fiber in every loaf.  Then We ferment the bread to create a probiotic rich sourdough. 

We are the only Ancient Grain, Wholegrain bakery in the United States. Our Ancient grain Sourdough Breads are made with Kamut, Einkorn, or Spelt.  All of our breads are baked with wholegrain flour. We never use white flour ever!

Click below to learn more about our Ancient Grain bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

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