Hurricanes Flooding What is Going on?

by M.P. Geulah

We are seeing a lack of care in areas hit hardest by the Hurricane in Florida. Residents of Pine Island, St James City, and Fort Myers pleaded for help this Sunday, as they still had no running water, AC, food or gas. As of yesterday, rescue crews were still searching for survivors in Ft Myers.  How long are they taking? How long can elderly people survive in destroyed homes without AC electricity or running water?  

One resident, took to twitter on Sunday to voice her concerns:

“We do not have any help in St. James City, there are so many people here that have completely lost everything like elsewhere,” Denise Martinez posted on a Pine Island Facebook group. “As of this morning, nobody has brought in supplies besides the people trying to get to the island themselves to check on loved ones or if they still have a home. All of the people on the island need food, water, gas, propane, they do not even have a roll of toilet paper. Something needs to be done today or more people will die. It is a complete war zone down here.”

Another women wrote on the Fort Myers Beach Facebook page wrote: “I’m looking for my 96-year-old grandmother, Julia Rodriguez. She was living in Sunshine Mobile Village. Last we heard she was evacuating on Wednesday but haven’t heard from her. She doesn’t have a cell phone. Any advice? We are very worried and live in NY.”

Gaby Gutman Hall’s post on that same Facebook group said: “The devastation is horrific, however as I learned with Hurricane Andrew the first few weeks after the storm is when people need the most help. We are not sure why government agencies are not providing supplies even if it’s temporary until residents can wrap their head around what happened and what they need to do next.” 

And for many in the African American Dunbar neighborhood of Ft Myers, there's growing frustration. "They're saying the islands got destroyed," observes 24-year-old Lexxus Cherry. "Well, we're destroyed, too. We're really messed up here."

There's no electricity. Water coming out of the faucet is a thin brownish stream.

For some of the the sick and elderly, the help that is "on the way" will be too late.

What Could be the Possible Cause of a Flood?

As I watched communities get swept away by the floodwaters on TV, it made me think about what could possibly cause this situation.  And I couldn't help thinking about the Biblical story of Noah.

Jewish Commentators point out that floods happen when people break out of boundaries set up by G-d. Now I would never wish to point fingers at anybody specific or any specific town especially seeing the tremendous suffering people are experiencing right now. This article is about what could possibly cause floods in general and what we can take away from these terrible events.

G-d put boundaries on the ocean.  Water contains tremendous force and power. Yet the oceans almost always remains confined by the beaches and sand that G-d set around it. The oceans don’t overtake the shoreline unless given permission by G-d under specific circumstances.

The people of Noah’s generation had illicit relations such as incest, adultery, homosexuality, etc…. 

Promiscuity was so bad that even the animals were influenced by their owners and began having relations with other species.

There was a complete breach of the borders and boundaries set by G-d. Thus the waters broke through their confines and flooded the land.

In our times, I am truly frightened by the new CRISPR technology which has basically made gene editing of any and all animals, humans, and vegetables possible and at dizzying speed.  Gene editing involves taking genes from one species (such as bacteria and animals) and inserting them into another.

Medical companies are using CRISPR in medical treatments to edit human genes to supposedly "cure" disease. Clinical trials are already underway. 

What ever happened to proper diet and herbs and exercise- which greatly influences our genes and health!? 

In Jewish law we aren't even allowed to create hybrid seeds, let alone change the genetic makeup or genetically modify animals or worse people.  There are cosmic reasons for this.

Every person that gets gene edited through new CRISPR medicine might pass on his modified genes to his/her children. Will the next generation of people be genetically modified? This is a tremendous risk.

The creation of GMO fruits and vegetables is already a tragedy.  The genetic modification of animals and humans spells a breakdown of the world. GMO cows are already in production! The first GM cow was approved bu the FDA this year, and will probably be on supermarket shelves within 6-12 months.

Read this article to find out more GMO Cows Approved for Sale In the United States – Joseph's Organic Bakery ( 

G-d created the world in a specific way as He intended. And we cannot change it. The impact this new technology will have on our generation is astronomical, and the consequences could be huge both spiritual and physical. 

GMO fruits, vegetables, and grain are very hard for the body to process, as these foods are not in their natural state. For this reason, Dr Sebi and many other natural doctors concerned about health don't allow any GMOs in their diet protocols.

Mixing and matching of species with CRISPR is reminiscent of the sort of immoral physical relations that happened during Noahs time. 

What happened with Hurricane Ian is devastating and it's not over. I sincerely hope the people in need of help in affected communities get it as soon as possible.


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