Kidney Rejuvenate: One-Week Kidney and Liver Rejuvenation Herbal Formula- Based on Japanese Medicine
Kidney Rejuvenate: One-Week Kidney and Liver Rejuvenation Herbal Formula- Based on Japanese Medicine
Charger l'image dans la galerie, Kidney Rejuvenate: One-Week Kidney and Liver Rejuvenation Herbal Formula- Based on Japanese Medicine
Charger l'image dans la galerie, Kidney Rejuvenate: One-Week Kidney and Liver Rejuvenation Herbal Formula- Based on Japanese Medicine

Kidney Rejuvenate: One-Week Kidney and Liver Rejuvenation Herbal Formula- Based on Japanese Medicine

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Potent Herbal Formula For Kidney and Liver Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

Formula Based on Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine that has been used for centuries.


The kidneys and liver are the bodies master detoxifiers. 

The liver remove waste and toxins (including mycotoxins) from the blood, and breaks down poisonous substances. The kidneys control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes. 

The kidneys also perform the following functions: remove waste products from the body though the urine, remove drugs from the body, release hormones that regulate blood pressure, produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes healthy bones, control the production of red blood cells, and regulates blood pressure.

If the liver and kidneys are not functioning optimally or become impaired due to toxic buildup or toxic overload, they will no longer be able to remove toxins and waste from the body.  These toxins will circulate throughout the body, resulting in damage to other organs. This can lead to chronic fatigue, digestive illness, migraines, obesity and more serious health problems such as organ failure, kidney stones, and even cancer.  

For this reason, the kidneys and liver must be cleansed periodically, especially in the case of existing kidney problems and symptoms, skin conditions, unexplainable migraines, diabetes, digestive problems, or if you have a weak immune system.

The benefits of periodic kidney and liver cleanses are endless: here are a just a few:

1) Cleansing your kidney improves your ability to process certain foods, reducing allergies

2) Enhances nutrient absorption and improves metabolism

3) Prevents Fatigue

4) Strengthens the immune system -  Flushing out waste and toxins prevents potential infections and strengthens immunity

5) cleansing the kidneys reduces the risk of kidney stones and bladder problems

For the safest, all natural, herb based, kidney cleanse formula, try our

1 week Kidney Rejuvenate Cleanse pictured above.


Effective kidney detoxification formula:

Our Kidney Rejuvenation Herbal Formula provides nutrients to help the kidneys function at their peak while gently removing impurities from the organ.

Advanced Support for chronic kidney disease:

This potent herbal formula for kidneys is specifically formulated to help support the kidneys even with kidney failure and chronic liver illness. It has important elements that promote kidney health and rejuvenation.

Kampo-inspired kidney rejuvenation: Our product is based on conventional and effective Japanese herbal medicine that uses five powerful herbs that work as kidney health supplements. It contains keihi, kanzo, chorei, bukuryo, and takusha.

Five traditional Japanese herbs have amazing health advantages: This Kampo-treatment method has anti-inflammatory qualities that can relieve muscle cramps, enhance urination, and guard against kidney damage.

Stop stone formation: Takusha, a well-known Japanese herb, is integral to our formula since it stops stone formation from happening again.


Directions For Use: It is advised to use the Kidney Rejuvenation Herbal Formula

for a month to get the best benefits.

For the One Week Plan Take 5 tablets each day.



Currently, chronic kidney disease affects 10% of the global population. Not surprisingly, these figures are increasing for adults, as more and more people are treated with diabetes and blood sugar medications which strain the kidneys. Our exclusive conventional and traditional Japanese five-herb mixture can effectively treat numerous kidney-related conditions, including chronic kidney disease, to keep your body healthy.


What makes our kidney rejuvenate formula special?

Our product is created specifically to maintain the health of your liver and kidneys. It is formed using cutting-edge procedures that draw inspiration from Kampo medicine.

 It includes the top five Japanese herbs for kidney and liver health, which have been utilized for centuries. Each herb is specifically picked to treat a certain condition and works actively as a kidney functions supplement to prevent the body from developing a chronic disease.


What are those five herbs used for, and how well do they work?

Keihi and Kanzo have comparable qualities. Because they both possess anti-inflammatory characteristics, it shields the kidneys from any infections and treats kidney failure.

A well-known Japanese herb called Chorei is used largely to cure and prevent kidney stone development. Terpenes, provitamin D, and beta-glucans are necessary for normal kidney function.

Bukuryo herbal component is part of our special kidney rejuvenation herbal formula, which works in conjunction with other helpful chemical compounds to enhance kidney functions. Glomerulonephritis is treated with it, and it controls edema. 

Takusha is a well-known herb that is typically used to stop the production of CaOx kidney stones or their recurrence in the future. It keeps the PH of the urine stable, preventing crystal formation

Included: 35 Pills (1 week supply)

Ingredients: Keihi, Kanzo, Chorei, Bukuro, Takusha, vegetable capsule.

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