Genetic Modification of Humans Underway and its called "Immune Therapy"

Lauded as an amazing new breakthrough treatment, gene "therapy" using CRISPR technology, is making headlines again. 

One of the first cancer trials has concluded using CRISPR, and is supposedly a "success", and by success they mean: No one died. (The cancer itself wasn't actually healed.)

The truth is that CRISPR gene "therapy" is not therapy at all.  This is genetic modification of the human race under the guise of "therapy".  

dangers of crispr gene editing

CRISPR gene editing is one of the most dangerous "innovations" to hit the world

CRISPR Explained

For those who haven't heard yet of CRISPR, the way it works is that scientists insert DNA of viruses and/or bacteria and other species  into human DNA. They then reinsert the modified cells into the body. 

 A small clinical trial has shown that researchers can use CRISPR gene editing to alter immune cells so that they will recognize mutated proteins specific to a person’s tumours. 

Those cells can then be let loose in the body to attack the tumor. 

The trial was the first attempt to combine two areas in cancer research: gene editing to create personalized treatments, and engineering immune cells called T cells so as to better target tumours. The approach was tested in 16 people with solid tumours, including in the breast and colon.

The Problem with Human Gene Editing

Gene editing using CRISPR is dangerous even according to many researchers, as the enzymes taken from bacteria responsible for the editing sometimes edit the wrong genes, and also causes a condition called “jumping genes” or retrotransposition, which greatly increases the risk of cancer.


A report from Boston Children’s Hospital, published June 27 in Nature Communications, warns of a potential, previously undiscovered danger of CRISPR editing.

“Studying classical CRISPR/Cas9 in multiple human cell lines, a team led by Roberto Chiarle, MD, and Jianli Tao, PhD, in the Department of Pathology at Boston Children’s, show for the first time that the technique can cause large rearrangements of DNA through a process called retrotransposition. Rearrangements occur when breaks in DNA aren’t repaired, allowing mismatched ends to join. While retrotransposition events caused by CRISPR were uncommon (occurring up to 5 to 6 percent of the time in the study’s experimental model), they can theoretically trigger cancer.”

Some scientists and researchers in the field are sounding the alarm, with concerns rising about the unknown long term effects of human gene editing, but there is big money at stake, with major companies in China and the United States racing to get patents on their “gene therapies”, which are in reality gene destroyers.  

Today CRISPR technology in being used both in the United States and China in human trials. 

Our future is at risk.

“It’s really too soon to be applying Crispr to reproductive genetics,” said Nita Farahany, a bioethicist at Duke University who was not involved in the study.

“In other words, we think we are editing one letter of the book of life, but it actually entire pages might be getting altered in unintended areas. 

"The long-term danger is unintended changes to the genome of an organism that go on and get carried through to the next generation. The safety risk is unknown changes in genes that get transferred to the population that could have no consequence or could be harmful," said Dr. Gregory Licholai, a biotech entrepreneur who serves as a lecturer at Yale SOM and chief medical and information officer at PRA Health Sciences.

Not to mention the ethical and moral problems nd moreal problems associated with making changes to G-ds world . Do we know better than G-d?He created us in a speicific way. Who are e to change it?

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