Human Embryos Grown in Labs? Crazy Biotech Startup Attempting to Clone Humans

As if science hasn't gone crazy enough, now a biotech company will attempt to grown human clone embryos in a lab for organ harvesting. 

New CRISPR gene editing technology poses a threat not only to the genetic integrity of the plant and animal kingdom but to humanity as a whole.  We must stop the genetic modification before it's too late. 

CRISPR technology Spells Disaster for Humanity

First Company to Grow Synthetic Human Clones In a Lab

A biotechnology company called Renewal BIO wants to grow human embryos in a jar without the use of sperm, eggs, or a womb.  These embryos will be used for organ harvesting.  The embryos will be developed from human stem cells.  

A recent experiment in Israel that successfully created artificial mouse embryos from stem cells gave rise to Renewal Bio to replicate the experiment in humans. 

Scientists at Weizmann's Molecular Genetics Department grew "synthetic mouse embryos" in a jar.  it was the first time the process had been successfully completed,

According to the scientists the fully-formed mice were not "real," because they could never develop into full grown mice.  However, scientists observed the synthetic embryos having a beating heart, blood circulation, the start of a brain, a neural tube, and an intestinal tract. 

Honestly, I cant believe we've gotten to this point, where the questions we will be dealing with in the next decade will be should humans be cloned?  Should tiny baby embryos be grown in labs? It's truly horrifying. We are living in very dangerous times where the integrity of human genes and animal genes are at stake.  

Scientists are waging a war against the way G-d created the world and it's got to stop.

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