Lab Grown Cancer Meat is About to Become a Huge Problem in the U.S.

The World's largest cultured meat factory is being constructed in North Carolina. The 200,000 square feet factory owned by Believer Meats is set up to produce 10,000 metric tons of lab grown cancer meat per year.   

Lab grown meat poses cancer risk

Lab Grown Meat WIll threaten our food supply as restaurant chains accross the country will buy this meat to cut costs while endagering our health

Lab Grown Meat cells are Taken from live chickens in a cruel biopsy process

Israeli cultured meat outfit Believer Meats, known formerly as Future Meat, is looking to play a pivotal role in the availability of lab-grown meat products, and a new facility under construction in the US should help these efforts along. The company says it has broken ground on a new factory in North Carolina that will become the largest of its kind in the world, where the company's proprietary technology will be used to pump out cultivated meat by the metric ton.

Along with startups like Impossible Foods, Believer Meats is endeavoring to drive down the cost of lab-grown meat, 

Lab Grown Chicken poses significant cancer risk

Lab-grown chicken and meat looks identical to standard meat. The cultivation process begins with cells extracted from real chickens or cows via biopsy using long needles, no doubt a painful process. Then the chicken cells are taken to a lab and grown in tanks. They are programmed to replicate time and time again. 



This supposed “meat” is actually made up of engineered cells (how they are genetically engineered is unclear), using some sort of genetic construct called onco-genes, which is typically used to make stem cells keep growing. 

In order to keep the cells growing, they are bathed in fetal serum (taken from chickens or cows) or some sort of synthetic serum alternative.  

However, this process of non-stop cell growth would encourage the growth of cancer cells as well.  And whoever eats this “meat” could be exposing themselves to serious cancer risk. 


Touted as a process that is “cruelty free” and will "save the planet" this lab grown meat actually involves animal cruelty, poses a cancer risk to those that consume it, and will harm the environment. 

Within the tanks themselves, huge amounts of antibiotics and antimicrobials will have to be used to keep the “meat” and tanks sterile.

Eating this meat will be equivalent to taking hefty doses of anti-biotics.

And unlike a real animal which removes toxins through urine and feces, the toxins from the production process will remain in the meat and anyone eating it will be exposed.

Likely this meat will be sold to restaurants many of whom use the worst possible ingredients to make a profit.  Since its identical to regular meat, the end consumer will have no idea that he is eating lab grown meat. 

In order to compete in the meat market, companies will have to figure out how to grow this lab grown meat profitably.

Many companies are scrambling to take part in this lab grown meat craze.  Some companies are using bioreactors —very large vessels for containing biological reactions and processes. Which would implement a scaffold-based system to grow "meat," The scaffolding helps the cells differentiate into a specific meat-like formation. Bioreactors are bad for the environment.

The process of making this "cultured" chicken is shrouded in mystery, evvery company using their own mystery engineering and growth serums. Zero transparency, and you can bet that its all toxic and as from away from "natural" as it gets. Engineering animal meat in laboratories will forever change the way food is "made". Taking away the last bit of real food we have left.  It's Sad for all the people trying to hold on to eating proper healthy food as G-d created.

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