Mexico Attempts to Block Import of GM Corn from USA for the sake of Public Health

Once again the Mexican government's attempt to take a stand against the takeover of U.S. G.M.O crops was delayed, due to pressure exerted by the Biden administration. 

This past Tuesday, Biden attempted to stop the Mexico's decree banning the import of GM corn from the United States for livestock feed, industrial use, and human consumption. 

90% of corn in the U.S. is genetically modified. Corn is a staple of Mexican diet, and it is the biggest importer of U.S. GM corn.

The Mexican government explained its recent attempt to block the imports as a critical move to protect public health and to protect pollinators like bees which are being wiped out by glyphosate, the cancer causing pesticide sprayed on GM crops.

Lori Ann Burd, environmental health director at the U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity, blasted Biden saying “The U.S.’s shameful efforts to strong-arm Mexico into accepting GE corn it has rejected is nothing short of 21st-century imperialism”. 

“Our government is working tirelessly to pad the multibillion-dollar profits of domestic agribusiness corporations by pushing GE corn, even though our glyphosate-drenched GE cornfields are playing an outsized role in driving catastrophic declines in vital pollinator populations.”

Although Mexico has delayed the decree, it hasn't scrapped it, it still intends to prohibit GE corn for human consumption by 2024 in its latest decree. 

Mexico is also aiming to ban imports and use of glyphosate

The new decree instructs Mexican authorities to “revoke and refrain from granting permits for the release into the environment in Mexico of genetically modified corn seeds.”

“We have to put the right to life, the right to health, the right to a healthy environment ahead of economic and business [interests],” Víctor Suárez Carrera, Mexico’s undersecretary of food and competitiveness, told Reuters in 2021.

Viridiana Lázaro, food and agriculture campaigner at Greenpeace Mexico, said Tuesday, “The United States has refused to respect Mexico’s choice, instead working tirelessly to bully the country into accepting GE corn in order to protect the short-term profits of U.S. agribusiness giants.”

The U.S. government claims that Mexico’s plans, would conflict with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and harm American farmers. 

Threatenening to take legal action under the USMCA if Mexico doesn’t drop the decree is Biden's latest stab at Mexico.

Mexico Attempts to Block Import of GM Corn from USA for the sake of Public Health

The U.S. government once again attempts to bully a country into importing toxic gmo products that are harming us consumers, pollinators, and farms across america

The Center for Biological Diversity noted in a Tuesday press release that “the United States has, for months, exerted heavy pressure on Mexico to accept U.S.-produced corn that is genetically engineered to withstand what would normally be a deadly dose of pesticides.”

“Corn’s historical role in Mexican diets and culture — and current concerns about the impacts of glyphosate and genetic contamination of Mexico’s many varieties of heirloom corn — prompted its leaders to ban GE corn for human consumption and phase out glyphosate,” the group added.

“The United States has refused to respect Mexico’s choice, instead working tirelessly to bully the country into accepting GE corn in order to protect the short-term profits of U.S. agribusiness giants.”

The Risks of GMO consumption:

Our food supply is tainted with GMOs plants that are wreaking havoc on our health. Motivated by greed and profits, food manufacturers use the cheapest ingredients possible which include GMO plants like corn and soy. In fact, its nearly impossible to find processed foods out there that don't contain corn or soy.

GMO corn and soy are genetically engineered to withstand the tremendous amounts of Monsanto's cancer causing ROUNDUP herbicide. GE soybeans have been found to contain residue levels as high as 17 mg/kg, and malformations in frog and chicken embryos have occurred at just over 2 mg/kg. 

Every time we ingest corn (commonly in the form of high fructose corn syrup) or soy we increase our chances of developing cancer and other health conditions due to the herbicides to the poisonous herbicides like glyphosate they are liberally sprayed with.


Consuming GMO foods can cause 

  • Cancer 
  • Low immune function
  • Digestive Illness
  • Anti-biotic resistance
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases  

All Corn, soy, sugar beets that are grown throughout the world are over 90% GMO, which means that unless these foods are specifically labeled non-GMO (if you trust non-GMO labeling), there is over a 90% chance that if you buy processed foods with these ingredients, they are genetically modified.

The dangers of consuming GMO foods are no secret and the problem is about to get much worse with CRISPR gene editing technology. 

Developed in the last 10 years, companies are scrambling to genetically modify what's left of the food supply which will make virtually impossible to buy any processed foods whatsoever.  If 70% of all processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients now, within the next decade it will be more like 90%. because CRISPR makes genetic modification so easy that even physics students can modify genes.  It requires very little training.  

The consequences of genetically modifying the world's food supply are far reaching and devastating to our physical and emotional health. 

Yet because the law doesn't require GMO labeling in most states, consumers are unaware that the foods they eat in large quantities every day are Genetically modified.  


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