Taxpayer Dollars Going to Fund Edible Vaccines: Will it be Safe to Eat Lettuce?

Robert Kennedy Jr, presidential candidate, is sounding the alarm about the new bill passed by government which would allocate taxpayer dollars to fund research on edible vaccines.

These research studies are attempting to genetically modify lettuce and spinach into edible vaccines, in an attempt to produce cheaper vaccines.

I believe it's an attempt to vaccinate people against their will. The governments want the whole world vaccinated. There are people who reject vaccines, people who were dissolusioned with the covid vaccine. Its not right for them to impose their will upon those that dont want to be vaccinated. Imagine going to the supermarket to buy lettuce and instead receiving who knows how many vaccine doses. Where is health freedom?

GMOs shed and spread. Its very hard to contain GMOs once they are planted. They contaminate nearby fields. It's imperative that we stop this now.

The $460 billion spending bill passed 2 weeks ago by the U.S. House of Representatives includes funding research on transgenic edible vaccines. These vaccines, grown in genetically engineered plants, were initially prohibited from funding following a unanimous vote against it, led by Rep. Thomas Massie.

However, the new omnibus bill allows for the funding of transgenic edible vaccines, contradicting the House's previous decision.

So somehow even though the House rejected research funding of edible vaccines, this new bill was passed anyway. Massie expressed concerns about taxpayer dollars being allocated to these vaccines and highlighted the potential implications of this funding.

In his words "I think it's dangerous to play G-d with our Food." Massie said he was concerned “that plants cross-pollinate and pollen from these modified plants, food-producing plants, could carry in the wind to other fields and contaminate them. And we could really contaminate a lot of our food supply with unknown doses of vaccines that would deliver unknown dosages.”

According to a 2013 scientific paper, edible vaccines “are prepared by introducing selected desired genes into plants and inducing these genetically modified plants to manufacture the encoded proteins.”

Right now we are facing extreme threat from the scientific and medical community who are obsessed with the genetic modification of anything and everything: from plants, vegetables, grains, all the way to animals and even humans.

Parasites in Salmon

Vaccines Designed to genetically modify Humans

New m RNA vaccines are designed to genetically modify our human cells to create proteins and various other things.

What right do these scientists have to genetically modify the human race?

And even worse to genetically modify food so that we get vaccinated without our consent?

As reported by Dr. Peter McCullough , The Chinese have already begun research trials on using cows milk to deliver m RNA vaccines.

According to a 2013 scientific paper,  transgenic edible vaccines “are prepared by introducing selected desired genes into plants and inducing these genetically modified plants to manufacture the encoded proteins.”. Chinese researchers have demonstrated that food can indeed be turned into a vaccine.

“The nation’s food supply can be manipulated by public health agencies to influence population outcomes … Now an oral route of administration is being considered specifically for COVID-19 vaccination using m RNA in cow’s milk .

“Zhang and colleagues have demonstrated that a shortened mRNA code of 675 base pairs could be loaded into phospholipid packets called exosomes derived from milk and then using that same milk, be fed to mice.

“The mice gastrointestinal tract absorbed the exosomes and the mRNA must have made it into the bloodstream and lymphatic tissue because antibodies were produced in fed mice against SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (receptor binding domain) …

“Given the damage mRNA vaccines have generated in terms of injuries, disabilities, and deaths, these data raise considerable ethical issues. The COVID States project has shown that 25% of Americans were successful in remaining unvaccinated. This group would have strong objections to mRNA in the food supply, particularly if it was done surreptitiously or with minimal labelling/warnings …

“These observations lead me to conclude that mRNA technology has just entered a whole new, much darker phase of development. Expect more research on and resistance to mRNA in our food supply. The Chinese have just taken the first of what will probably be many more dangerous steps for the world.”

New Genetically Modified Animals were approved this year

The past year and a half has been a disaster in terms of animal genetic modification and food engineering. Scientists have been busy creating genetically modified lab-grown chicken and steak, both of which have achieved FDA approval for sale. 

GMO salmon is the common salmon sold in supermarkets all over the world, grown in "ocean pens" or inland farms. CRISPR edited mustard greens were released this year. 

In Septemer 2022  the FDA approved the first ever Genetically modified cow for human consumption. The cows are now in production and will be coming to supermarket shelves soon. They will not be labeled GMO. In 2022, I wrote an article warning that GMO chickens and cows would be coming to your dinner plate within the next few years. Little did I know that it was going to happen so soon and with such little backlash from the general public.

The latest disaster is genetically engineered rice. 


Scientists are in a race against time to genetically modify every animal, grain, vegetable and fruit. Nothing is safe.


It's a crime to genetically engineer plants and animals. It was a crime when companies like Monsanto genetically engineered the world's soy, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, papaya, zuccini and so much more.

Mark my words: Genetically engineered chicken and cows will be on our dinner plates within a year or two.

It's time for the nation to step up and protest.

You can start today by boycotting all GMO foods. Almost all soy corn and sugar is GMO. Don't buy these products unless you're sure its non-GMO. GMO salmon is now on store shelves. Avoid salmon at all costs.

Let these companies know how we feel with our wallets.

Let them know we wont buy the food they've created in a lab.

Let them know CRISPR technology is unacceptable.

If you have the money and the means support non GMO farmers, grow your own garden, raise non-GMO chickens and cows to preserve G-d's world and so that our children and grandchildren will be able to see what the world is supposed to look like, what real food is supposed to be.

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