World's first Monkey Clone born using Stem Cells With glowing eyes and Fingers

Science has become a Vehicle for evil in a War against G-d. There is no other way to put it.  

Scientists in China have “formed”, notice I don't use the word “create”(because that is only G-d's realm, as only He can create something from nothing)  the first primate chimera born alive formed from stem cells from different monkey embryos. 

An animal chimera is an animal formed from more than 2 parents.

This experiment was not just about forming an animal chimera, this study was in essence animal cloning.  A normal monkey embryo is formed when male sperm and a female egg fuse.  

In cloning, sperm and egg are not used to create an embryo. Stem cells are programed to become egg and sperm cells.  

In this case, Stem cells from different monkey embryos were extracted. Then these cells were genetically modified and injected with a special protein to ensure that the donor stem cells glowed green (which is why the monkey had glowing green eyes and fingers). 

Stem cells are being used by scientists right now to create animal and human clones and human and animal chimeras without the need for male or female egg or sperm cells.

Human clones which are basically human embryos without brains are being developed in labs across the world. Scientists in Israel, the United States and  the UK have created the first “synthetic” human embryos.

 Dont be fooled synthetic doesnt mean plastic or fake. These are human embryos created from human stem cells and cultures.   These embryos are created without human eggs or sperm.   Human stem cells are treated with chemicals to go back to embryonic phase.  They have human organs. They were grown in labs for 14 days.   Read more here

Human and animal chimeras are being  studied right now as this article is being written.  In a recent new experiment, Researchers used CRSIPR to genetically edit pig embryos to grow without a kidney and instead inserted human stem cells to form human kidneys in pigs.  Read more here

All for the “noble” purpose of being able to grow human organs in animals as well as human clones. Read more about this here

This is sick and inhumane.

dangers of stem cell cloning

The monkey cloned with stem cells dies after 10 days

Scientists Raise concerns

There are scientists in this field itself that have raised concerns about all of this.   Paul Knoepfler, Ph.D., a stem cell biologist and cancer researcher at the University of California said. First, it opens the door to more extensive human-monkey chimeras,, which has already begun. 

While this could yield “unique and beneficial knowledge,” Knoepfler said , such work is ethically complex.

“For example, how long is it permissible to grow and study a human-monkey chimera embryo? How does one avoid having extensive human brain cells in such a chimera if you study it for long periods or is that permissible in some cases?” he said. “These questions apply to other types of human-animal chimeras that have been made as well.”


Another concern is animal suffering.. Only one of the 74 monkey embryos transferred was born a live chimera—despite the fact that 40 female monkeys were forced to undergo surgery. And while the monkey with green eyes (number 10) was born alive, he wasn’t healthy.


In fact he suffered from hypothermia and other problems and had to be euthenized after 10 days.  


““There was likely some suffering involved for that animal, which should be factored into planning for possible future research as an important risk,” Knoepfler said.

Moral Alternatives

Bad Diet is one of the key causes of disease. its time for the whole world and true scientists to embrace the  benefits that G-d put in natural foods. Whole grains, vegetables,  fruit , teas, herbs and spices, contain a plethora of healing antioxidants and nutrients that the body needs to function optimally.

What we dont need is more processed foods, more prescription medications, more vaccines, or more mRNA medical treatments aimed at genetically modifying our bodies. 

Growing human organs in animals is a ticking time bomb.

Just a few weeks ago, a 58-year-old man with heart failure who received a new heart from a genetically modified pig died on Monday, only Six weeks after receiving the pig organ.

Lawrence Faucette, of Frederick, Md., was the second patient at the medical center to have had his heart replaced with one from a pig that had been genetically modified using CRISPR so its organs would not be rejected by a human recipient.

The first patient to get a genetically modified pig heart, 57-year-old David Bennett, died two months after his transplant. He had developed multiple complications and traces of a virus that infects pigs were found in his new heart.

The AIDS epidemic was traced to a monkey virus that escaped a US lab and somehow made its way into people, many believe that it was spread via vaccines given to gay men. Vaccines commonly contain viruses that are grown in monkey, chicken, or human cells (taken from aborted babies) as a host. 

There are tremendous risks involved with using animal cells in vaccines and medications, as well as growing human organs in animals. Animal viruses that our bodies cannot deal with , can easily transfer to people, creating superbugs and epidemics. 

Even if death is not involved as in the two above cases, the fact remains that it very likely that the human body will forever have to deal with a host of viruses, parasites and bacteria it has no idea how to combat, leading to a lifetime of malfunctioning immune system which can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases. 

This society is brainwashed into believing that doctors and science have a solution for everything. 

Instead of turning to G-d and to the nutrient powerhouses He provided, they turn to doctors, scientists, and prescription meds made with artificial chemical and genetically modified ingredients.  

In truth, G-d runs the world, and the more we mess with DNA and continue to mix and match species and genders, the further we turn away from faith in Him and in the way He created everything. And we will also destroy our health and the world in the process.

Once something is genetically modified, there is almost no turning back.  And diseases and conditions that we have never seen before will be created.

We have to demand a moratorium on all gene editing and mixing of species and DNA right now!! 

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