Scientists Grow First Human Organ in an Animal: CRISPR Rears its ugly Head Again

It seems like scientists are in a race against time to genetically modify every single living thing.


Due to the development of CRISPR technology it's happening at lightning speed. 


In simple terms, CRISPR is genetic modification. Scientists use bacteria or viruses to cut out parts of DNA in a plant/animal and instead insert  foreign DNA of other animals or plant species in its place


In a recent new experiment, Researchers used CRSIPR to genetically edit pig embryos to grow without a kidney and instead inserted human stem cells to form human kidneys in pigs.  


This is the first time a human organ has been produced in another animal. 


Izpisúa Belmonte and other researchers have made some advances toward this goal. For instance, regenerative cell biologist Mary Garry of the University of Minnesota and colleagues inserted human stem cells into early pig embryos that had been genetically altered to prevent the growth of specific tissues. When implanted into a surrogate mother pig, the embryos used the human cells to build some of the tissues they couldn’t generate themselves. 


In the past, scientists failed at their attempts to grow human organs in pigs.

So,  researchers genetically modified the human cells.


The scientists then inserted these genetically modified human stem cells into pig embryos that had been genetically modified to lack the ability to grow a kidney. After implanting the embryos into surrogate mother pigs, the researchers allowed them to develop for about a month and then removed them for analysis. 


The team reported in Cell Stem Cell, that a few a of the pig embryos grew human kidneys. 


Up to 65% of the cells in these organs were human.


Scary:  Scientists found some human cells in the pig embryos’ brains and spinal cords. Apparently the human cells migrated from the kidneys to other parts of the pig.

Human kidneys grown in pig embryos : CRISPR genetic engineering

Moral & Ethical Problems with CRISPR

What right do scientists have to modify and edit the plant genome?! Let Alone the Human Genome?!


G-d created each and every person with a specific genome. 

Scientists don’t like to hear that because they like to pretend they’re in control of everything. Genetically modifying the human genome is a desecration of G-d, as we were created in His image. 


And it gets worse, scientists have started using CRISPR in medicines, vaccines, and gene therapies to alter the human genome.  Most of the time, the patients will be unamware that they are subjecting themselves or their children to genetic modification, as many doctors and scientists will never admit straight out that their “treatments” are genetic modification.


It just doesnt sound very appealing to the masses. 


The use of CRISPR technology should require the consent of every single human being in the world, not just corrupt government officials, because this technology will affect us all. 


If a person with an edited genome gives birth to a child, that child may inherit their Genetically modified traits. Within a few generations, the entire human race may be altered, and it won’t be for the better. 


We must demand a moratium on all CRSISR gene editing right now!


This tinkering with the genes of every living thing on the planet is happening under our noses and no one is doing anything about it.

Dangers of creating chimeras

There's a tremendous risk of combining different species of DNA, which creates chimeras. 

Animals carry infectious pathogens, including those of unknown origin, and transplanting organs grown in animal embryos into  human bodies,   risks transmitting these pathigens and infections into humans, with unpredictable effects that could spiral out of control.

The world is still coping with a pandemic believed to have resulted from the tinkering of viruses in labs. Do they have any idea how many viruses animal carry at any given time, that should never be injected or transplated into humans?

This must stop.

CRISPR editing wreaks havoc to DNA causing several hundred unintended genetic changes

Scientists are busy working on genetically modifying our food.  The first CRISPR edited mustard greens are already on the market, and new CRISPR soy with pig genes inserted into to make the soy taste  like meat is in the works.

Researchers have discovered that CRISPR editing wreaks havoc in the plant genome causing several hundred unintended genetic changes that affects large parts of the genome like a tsunami.

As reported by GMWatch in June 2023, researchers have discovered7 that CRISPR-Cas gene editing ends up wreaking havoc in the plant genome:8

“Recent scientific findings have revealed chromothripsis-like effects after the application of CRISPR/Cas gene editing in the genome of tomatoes … Chromothripsis refers to a phenomenon in which often several hundred genetic changes occur simultaneously in a catastrophic event. Many sections of the genetic material can be swapped, recombined, or even lost if this occurs …”

Importantly, the same catastrophic cascades of gene swaps, recombination and loss also occurs in animal and human cells in response to gene editing. Actually, that’s been known for some time.

This is the first time they’ve found that CRISPRthripsis occurs in gene edited plants as well, and the unintended genetic alterations not only occur far more frequently than previously suspected, but they also occur across large parts of the genome.

dangers of crispr gene editing

Here are some of the dangers of using CRISPR:

  • Off-target effects: CRISPR can sometimes cut DNA at unintended locations, which can lead to mutations that could cause health problems.
  • Gene drive: CRISPR can be used to create gene drives, which are genetic modifications that can spread through a population. This could be used to create organisms that are resistant to diseases or pests, but it could also be used to create harmful organisms.
  • Ethical concerns: CRISPR could be used to create designer babies, which are babies that have been genetically modified to have certain desired traits. This raises ethical concerns about the manipulation of human life.
  • Security risks: CRISPR could be used to create biological weapons. This is a serious concern, as CRISPR could be used to create highly contagious and deadly diseases.

calling for a moratorium on crispr editing!

The whole world should be calling for a moratorium on all CRISPR editing. The clock is ticking before it will be too late.  This is moving too fast.  

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