Green Detox Tea for Diabetes
Longjing Tea for Blood Sugar Weight and Detoxification
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Longjing Tea for Blood Sugar Weight and Detoxification

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Longjing tea has been used for centuries in Asian Cultures to help sustain health in even the most challenging environments and to promote detoxification.

Cleansing out toxins from the liver is critical to reverse diabetes, lose weight, and for overall health. For those who have been eating toxic GMO foods or unhealthy acidic foods in general, it's often hard to manage blood sugar or achieve healthy weight. That's because when toxins accumulate in the liver and kidneys, they promote inflammation in other bodily organs and cause weight gain. These toxins can also cause inflammation in the pancreas leading to high blood sugar.  For this reason, daily detoxification is necessary to sustain health. Proper green tea can do just this.

We have sourced the absolute Highest Quality Longjing Dragon Tea Grade A.  After sampling and testing hundreds of longjing teas over the past few years, we hand-picked this special green tea. Our longjing tea is grown in a pure environment, and most importantly, its incredibly potent and easily used by the body.  


How Does Longjing Tea Detoxify the Body?

Longjing tea has polyphenols that are great for cleansing the body. Polyphenols enhance the body’s natural detoxification ability by supporting the liver and fighting free radicals.

The liver is the body’s filtration system. It converts toxins in the body into waste products that your body expels through your urine.

The polyphenols in Longjing tea  protect the liver. It also promotes enzyme activity in the liver that makes the detoxification function more efficient.


Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules that can cause harm to the body’s healthy cells. Longjing tea is brimming with antioxidants that fight free radicals. It contains a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate.

The L-theanine in the tea also boosts the body’s production of the antioxidant glutathione that can further assist in the free radical fight.

What Are the Benefits of Detoxing with our Grade A Longjing Tea?

Longjing tea is a safe solution for long term detoxification.  

Longjing tea is a powerful detoxifier on its own, but combined with our Cistus tea, they become a detoxification powerhouse.   

But the tea must be grown in healthy soil free of toxic heavy metals. We have sourced the absolute best longjing tea grown in clean pure soil.  Our Grade A tea is the most potent longjing tea available. 

Benefits of our Green Tea:

  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Supports Healthy Weight Loss*
  • Supports the Thyroid*
  • Supports Detoxification


Detoxifying Longjing Green Tea (45 day supply)

Instructions for use:  4-5 cups of tea per day. 
In a cup, Pour boiling water over the green tea leaves- steep for 5 minutes.

For an added boost: Add in our cistus tea bag, steep for 2 minutes- drink. 


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