Balance for Women - All Natural Hormonal & Thyroid Support

Balance for Women - All Natural Hormonal & Thyroid Support

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Made with herbs, BALANCE supplement is for women who desire to balance their hormones naturally: relieving menopausal symptoms, PMS, and easing menstrual pain. It also supports the thyroid.  Thyroid problems can cause fatigue, muscles aches and weakness, weight gain, depression, irregular menstrual cycles, thinning hair, mental fog, always feeling cold or hot, and swelling in the extremities.  The herbs in this formula help to repair the thyroid gland.  Thus relieving symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid.


  • Supports the thyroid*
  • Supports hormonal balance *
  • Supports female reproductive health*
  • Supports Female Libido*
  • Relieves Menopausal Symptoms*
  • Eases PMS and Menstrual Pain*


Made with Natural Herbs Nothing Else!

30 pills

Ingredients: Hydrangea’s, Damiana, Sarsaparilla, Irish Sea Moss, Muicle, Red Clover 

Instructions: 2 pills per day

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