Blood Pressure Diet Plan- 30 Day Gold Plan

Blood Pressure Diet Plan- 30 Day Gold Plan

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Introducing our new and improved Blood Pressure Support Program, specially designed around the amazing benefits of our herbal teas & Breads. This 30-day program represents the power of "Food is Medicine," which means following a diet that cleanses and strengthens your blood while avoiding harmful foods.

With this program, we offer the exceptional combination of our Cistus Tea and premium Longjing Tea, both derived from nature's bounty, thoughtfully placed on this earth by our Creator. Working in synergy, these teas play a pivotal role in harmonizing blood pressure.

Emphasizing the importance of "Food is Medicine," we promote consuming a nourishing blend of superfoods and beverages to cleanse and strengthen the blood, while wisely avoiding detrimental acidic foods like complex animal proteins, trans fats & processed foods that obstruct proper circulation. An essential aspect of this process involves restoring the digestive system, which is facilitated by the healing properties of Cistus Tea, aiding in gut repair and inflammation reduction. Meanwhile, our top-tier Longjing Tea contributes to alkalizing and detoxifying, resulting in improved blood pressure levels and overall well-being.

Additionally studies have shown that KAMUT lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss. Our sourdough is unlike any other. We do not add any white or refined flour to our bread & baked goods. We use 100% ORGANIC wholegrain Kamut. Our bread helps repair the digestive system and lower inflammation, thus leading to a healthier more alkalized body. 


6 loaves of Kamut Sourdough Bread - $75

6 loaves of Einkorn Sourdough Bread - $90

2 LongjingTea -absolute highest quality $45 each (taken together with cistus tea)

2 Cistus Tea (anti-inflammatory and boosts energy)  $45 each

2 Boost Herbal Supplement $65 each

1 Purple Sea Moss $50

1 Umeboshi Plums $30

$30 Discounted Shipping Included


6 Kamut Breads

6 Einkorn Breads

2 Cistus Tea

2 Longjing Tea

2 Boost Herbs

1 Purple Sea Moss

1 Umeboshi Plums

Total Price: $625

$30 Discounted

Shipping Included

Please contact us for more info & for Program instructions at 954-541-4062

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