Diabetes Diet 30 Day Plan - Gold Plan

Diabetes Diet 30 Day Plan - Gold Plan

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The Diabetes Diet Gold Plan is specially designed around the amazing benefits of our ancient grain low glycemic breads, herbal teas, and superfoods. The program represents the power of "Food is Medicine," which involves following a diet that repairs the pancreas and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
This is a 30 Day Plan.  
Food is Medicine.  The safest way to balance blood sugar is to eliminate toxic foods that produce high blood sugar levels and inflammation and to replace them with healthy superfoods that nourish and alkalize the blood.

The Problem

Consuming processed foods high in refined flours, sugars, and animal protein causes rapid spikes and drops in blood sugar and insulin. Over time, this wears out the pancreas and leads to type 2 diabetes.

The Solution

Adopting our Diabetes Diet Program will make a significant transformation to your health. By incorporating the superfoods in the program, blood sugar is stabilized, facilitating pancreatic repair.

Ancient Grain Breads

At Joseph's Organic Bakery we bake bread like in ancient times. Our Kamut bread is a SUPERFOOD. We stone grind our grain, then we start the fermentation process. Our breads ferment for 8-48 hours. This ensures the HIGHEST NUTRIENT RATIO Possible.  Our bread is high in fiber as well.  We focus on making every bite count.  Our special bread is a superfood made with Wholegrain Kamut that we stone grind every day. Kamut is Non-GMO ancient grain. It's the third oldest grain in the world.
Additionally studies have shown that KAMUT lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss.  Our sourdough is unlike any other. We do not add any white or refined flour to our bread & baked goods. We use 100% ORGANIC wholegrain kamut. 
Many of our clients have lost weight safely and effectively as a byproduct of balancing their blood sugar.

Our cistus tea and high quality green tea work together to cleanse and rejuvenate the digestive system and pancreas.  They are nature's healing herbs that G-d put on the earth.

 Our special herbal teas help replenish the pancreas and digestive system.  The Cistus tea is also an anti-inflammatory.

Included in the Program

An essential aspect of this process involves lowering inflammation, which is facilitated by the healing properties of Cistus Tea, and restoring the digestive system which is accomplished by the Umeboshi plums and Sea Moss, which aid in gut repair. Meanwhile, our top-tier Longjing Tea contributes to detoxification and weight loss, vital to achieving healthy blood sugar levels. Working in synergy, these two teas play a pivotal role in reversing Diabetes.

Our Ancient Grain Sourdough Breads are true alkaline superfoods, made from non-GMO wholegrain ancient grains. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and probiotics, the breads not only help stabilize high blood sugar levels but they also repair the digestive system, which enables better nutrient absorption.

Consuming bio-available minerals is vital to pancreatic health; as part of the plan, our Sea Moss Gel contains 92 out of 102 bioavailable minerals.

The Sea Moss is a Superfood from the Sea that helps to replenish vitamins and minerals.

When the adrenal glands malfunction due to stress, producing excess cortisol, tremendous strain is placed on the pancreas which leads to Diabetes. Our Boost Supplement replenishes the adrenal glands and boosts energy. 

  And Our Boost Herbal Supplement helps to nourish the adrenal glands to prevent the fatigue and energy dips associated with high blood sugar. 

 Finally, our Diabetes Waters are rich in key minerals which boost pancreatic health.

Breakdown of our Gold Plan:
5 loaves of low glycemic Kamut bread - $15 each  $75 total
5 loaves of low glycemic Einkorn bread - $18 each  $90 total
1 Longjing Tea -absolute highest quality $45 (taken together with cistus tea)
1 Cistus Tea  (replenishes the pancreas & boosts energy)  $45
1 Boost Herbal Supplement (to combat fatigue & lower inflammation) $65
1 Umeboshi Plums  $30
1 Sea Moss Gel with Bladderwrack (rich in 92 vitamins and minerals) $50
5 Diabetes Waters  $8 each  $40 total
$30 Shipping Included in Price
Please contact us for more info & for Program instructions at 954-541-4062
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