Kidney Rejuvenate Herbal Supplement Formula for kidney rejuvenation

Kidney Rejuvenate - 1 Week Plan - Traditional Japanese Herbal Formula for Kidney Rejuvenation

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The cost of a kidney transplant is $450,000, $90,000 of that being out of pocket. Plus their is a host of complications, risk of infection, and years of waiting for a donor. 

The other medical option is dialysis, which requires visiting the center 2-3 times a week, spending 3-4 hours there each time while undergoing dialysis, which doesn't solve the core problem: lack of kidney function.

Our Kidney Rejuvenation Herbal formula is an All-Natural herbal formula utilizing ancient herbs from Japan. In Japan, these herbs are used by both conventional and holistic doctors to treat kidney failure, kidney disease, as well as to reboot the kidneys overall.  For centuries, Japanese doctors used these herbs as part of Kampo medicine, traditional Japanese medicine, for kidney and liver support. 

We are offering our 1 week plan at an introductory 50% discount for only $175

Included in the 1 Week Kidney Rejuvenation plan:

Kidney Rejuvenation Herbal Formula:  35 pills 


Ingredients: 5 Japanese Herbs keihi, kanzo, chorei, bukuryo, and takusha

Instructions: take 5 herbal pills per day

Recommendations: To achieve best results take the Kidney Rejuvenation Herbal Formula for 1 month  

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