Urinary Incontinence - Herbal Supplement for Women

Urinary Incontinence - Herbal Supplement for Women

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Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder are common conditions that affect 50% of adult women. Prevalence of this problem increases with age, in fact, up to 75% of women over 65 report urine leakage.  

The embarrassment and inconvenience of urinary incontinence prompts many women to seek relief. 

Traditional Japanese medicine has been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the bladder and kidneys and combat urinary incontinence.

Whether you're dealing with occasional leaks or a constant battle with bladder control, this is an effective remedy that can help restore your confidence and give you back control over your bladder.

This urinary incontinence herbal formula is composed of 5 japanese herbs in specific ratios to strengthen the bladder and kidneys.

Keihi and kanzo battle inflammation associated with overactive bladder.  

Ingredients: bukuryo, keihi, kanzo, chorei, and takusha.

1 week supply: 35 pills

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