mRNA Vaccines for Animals Expected to Explode Within the next Few Years

The meat industry has relied on anti-biotics for decades to combat high risk of bacterial infections in their animals due to very poor conditions in their facilities.  Animals are crammed into small spaces, are fed absolute garbage, and get almost no time in the open air.  

They are shot up with growth hormones and anti-biotics which both help them grow faster.

Overuse of anti-biotics in the meat production has fueled concerns over the rise in anti-biotic resistant superbugs in people. For example, if a cow has been given anti-biotics for years, it will lead to the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria throughout its body.  Bacteria like all living things adapts in order to survive and while some of the "bad bacteria will be killed off by the antibiotics, those that survive will often become anti-biotic resistant,

Anti-biotics also kill off friendly bacteria commonly called probiotics, thus leading to "bad" bacterial overgrowth and yeast (candida) infections.  This same process occurs in people and animals.

When we consume meat from animals given anti-biotics, we are exposing ourselves to risky anti-biotic resistant bacteria.  

Due to Growing public concern about the use of antibiotics in meat production — in 2017 the World Health Organization developed a set of guidelines on the use of medically important antimicrobials in animals raised for food.

In 2017, the FDA began regulatory measures to prevent the use of animal antibiotics for growth purposes and required farmers who wanted to use antibiotics to get them via prescription only from veterinarians.

In 2021 the FDA finalized the new guidelines against the use of anti-biotics in livestock.

To replace anti-biotics, meat producers are turning to Vaccines, specifically mRNA vaccines which can be manufactured quickly.

Talk about going from bad to worse!

The animal vaccine industry is projected to be worth $26.12 billion by 2030.

Right now, new government and industry-funded studies are underway to develop mRNA vaccines for livestock.

The Public must demand vaccine free MEAT

cow getting vaccinated

FDA guidelines have compelled the meat industry to turn to vaccines

Livestock vaccines expected to be worth 26 billion by 2030

Many Experts in the field are raising the alarm. Holistic veterinarian Dr. W. Jean Dodds, told The Defender,

“Not enough is known at this time if mRNA vaccines can generate any long-term effects on reproduction or lifespan of domestic farm stock.

“As livestock become part of the human and animal food chain, we need to be sure that no abnormal cellular or molecular changes to the animal could be induced by this type of vaccine.”

Basically, the mRNA vaccines could cause genetic mutations.

The next generation of animals may be completely GMO, once these studies are completed and production of these vaccines are completed.  

Researchers at the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation, Ontario, Canada, summed it up:

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons, including the fact that the development, mass production and approval process of vaccines could be shortened from several years (or decades) to 8-9 months.”

In the past it would take years for vaccines to be approved, thanks to new technology, the process has been shortened to a few months.  


Public demand has led to the growth of the non-GMO labeling. In the livestock industry, consumer interest in hormone-free and antibiotic free animals has caused producers to take notice.    

Well we must demand that meat producers stop vaccinating their animals.

And we should start now before its too late, before more animals have been genetically modified. 

We are fighting a battle to preserve the genetic integrity of the world right now, and its a battle that's important to be fought now without delay as these vaccines are being produced at warp speed, due to new technology.

The time is now.

For adults over the age of 45, It may be wise to go vegan, especially if you have health issues, and to prevent health conditions.


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