Parasitic Worms in Your Sushi: Woman finds worms in Salmon from Costco

If you believe that fish is healthy, think again.

A woman posted a video on Tik Tok showing live parasitic worms in salmon she bought at Costco. This isnt the first time. Over the past few years video of lives worms in salmon have popped up all over the internet. Including Costco and whole foods salmon.

And who knows how many worms are in your sushi? Sure the chef may have removed them, but let's face it, how much time do these chefs have to check the fish? The worms are hard to spot, as they look very similar to bones.

If the parasites are ingested alive, they can attach themselves to a person's stomach, resulting in anisakiasis or diphyllobothriasis, Diphyllobothriasis is a long-lasting infection.

Canada’s CBC reported in 2019 that 75% of wild Pacific salmon are infected with anisakid nematodes, also known as herring worms or cod worms, a common type of parasite found in fish.

 Fish is perhaps the most toxic food that you could possibly eat. “Wild Caught” is the biggest scam there is.  As these “wild” salmon are grown in caged pools in the ocean. These salmon are overcrowded, suffocating in their own feces, and are subject to disease outbreaks and parasitic infestation.

Right now with the recent heat wave we've experienced, eating fish is exceptionally dangerous. As rising ocean temperatures will cause the worms to thrive in ocean fish even more than before.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control stated that “thorough cooking and/or freezing will kill these parasites.” However this isn't entirely true. 

People assume that means that cooking or freezing the fish rids the flesh of worms. But chefs will tell you that fish preparation typically involves cooking temperatures of only 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit—well below the 145-degree safety threshold. In addition, fish has to remain frozen at -4 degrees for seven days before worms are typically killed. And even if the fish is prepared “properly,” you’ll still be eating worm carcasses and larvae inside the flesh.

Parasitic worms in salmon

The Wild Caught Scam

Every kind of wild fish can contain nematodes (roundworms). People love to promote wild or “line-caught” fish over fish slaughtered at aquafarms, but they are very susceptible to parasites.

Wild” salmon are grown in caged pools in the ocean. These salmon are overcrowded, suffocating in their own feces, and are subject to disease outbreaks and parasitic infestation.

Biologists in Demark found that more than 90 percent of certain types of wild fish were infested with nematode larvae. Another study, by researchers in Alaska, revealed that all the fresh-caught salmon who were examined had nematode infestations.

“Wild Caught” fish are Kept in overly crowded pens in the ocean; these fish suffer similar fates to their farmed brethren. The ocean pens are full of sea lice and waste. Additionally, our oceans are heavily contaminated with pesticide runoff, mercury, plastics, PCBs, chemical waste and dioxins.

On fish farms, fish are exposed to dangerous herbicides to kill algae in the water, fed SLICE chemicals to kill sea lice, and given huge amounts of antibiotics all while suffocating in their own fecal matter.

Then the fish are injected with red dye to make them look pink and fresh before they head out to the supermarket.

More than 90% of some wild-caught fish is estimated to be infected with at least parasite eggs, while more than 75% of filets from wild-caught salmon contain parasitic worms

Our generation has been brainwashed into believing that fish is healthy.

And sushi or any type of raw fish puts you at risk for parasites and all sorts of stomach infections. Thats why so many people get sick from seafood. Our oceans are contaminated.

Fish in particular are very hazardous to health. Fish flesh begins to rot within minutes after being caught, it actually begins to turn gray failry quickly.

Thats why commercial fish is sprayed with anti-bacterial sprays.

and often is injected with red dye to give it that pick hue.

This risky trend has gone on long enough.

Avoid animal protein as much as possible

Consuming Excess animal protein thickens the blood. 

Unlike carnivorous animals, we have only about 1/20 of the hydrochloric acid that they in their stomachs. This limits our ability to break down meat fish or chicken efficiently. 

As we age, our digestive ability weakens, and we have less digestive enzymes necessary for protein breakdown.

So most of the protein we consume will wind up stagnating and rotting in the colon (because meat and fish don't contain the fiber needed for proper elimination) . And about 20% of it will enter the bloodstream.

Animal Protein is one of the most blood thickening foods we can possibly eat.

As The blood gets thicker , the body becomes congested and acidic.

This acidic state can lead to heart disease, Alzheimer's in the elderly, cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune conditions.

Good Carbs Are essential to health

We've been brainwashed into thinking that carbs are bad for us, and that protein (meat and fish) and fats (essential fatty acids) are the only things our bodies need to achieve health. That couldn't be more false.

Carbohydrates are actually more essential than either protein or fats. Societies survived on bread as the primary food staple for thousands of years. That's because bread, when prepared correctly, has the potential to contain 70% of all the nutrients we need each day.

Ancient grains contain an array of vitamins nutrients and fiber essential for everyday life. Each one has a unique nutritional profile. Einkorn, for example, is also rich in protein and nutrients. And Kamut is rich in manganese, magnesium, zinc and lipids. Carbohydrates are essential to every body function including the brain and muscles.

Adopt The Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health

STEP 1: Diet rich in Complex (non refined) Carbohydrates

Choosing the right carbs makes all the difference. As noted above, societies lived on bread as the primary food staple for thousands of years. That's because bread, when prepared correctly, has the potential to contain 70% of all the nutrients we need each day. But it has to be proper bread. Our Ancient Grain breads like the Einkorn Bread or Kamut Bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery are full of probiotics, minerals, fiber and bioactive compounds.

Vegetables and Fruits

Additionally, Vegetables and fruits are  wonderful sources of healthy carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Eat as many vegetables as you can.

Incorporate both cooked and raw vegetables into your diet every day.

Fruits are great for alkalizing the body.  And berries are nutrient powerhouses, just be sure to buy organic as berries tend to be heavily sprayed.


increase your water intake-choose high quality spring water


Eating breakfast revs up metabolism, and resets the body's weight point. But what is the best food to eat for breakfast?

The Talmud extols the virtues of eating what's called Pat Shacharit, or Morning Bread in English.  The bread should ideally be consumed around 2 hours or more after rising.

The healthiest bread is ancient grain bread.

Click below to learn more about our Ancient Grain bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

STEP 4- Detox Regularly

There are different ways to detoxify daily, including walking, deep breathing, working out. There are also various herbs and teas that accomplish detoxification safely and easily.

Longjing tea stimulates cleansing of cells, increases metabolism, and helps regulate hunger (lowers cravings). The Cistus Tea and Longjing Tea combo is amazing for detoxification. The two work together to reboot the digestive tract, rejuvenate the thyroid and pancreas, and flush out toxins from the liver.

Free radicals are molecules that can cause harm to the body’s healthy cells. Longjing tea is brimming with antioxidants that fight free radicals. It contains a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate.

The L-theanine in the tea also boosts the body’s production of the antioxidant glutathione that can further assist in the free radical fight.





Sea moss contains 92 out of 102 vital minerals and nutrients essential to bodily function. It also contains chlorophyl potassium chloride and various compounds that cleanse out the lymphatic system and dissolve mucus.

For the highest quality purple sea moss from pristine waters off the coast of Jamaica click here.

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