Is your Fish and Meat addiction Sabotaging your Health?

If you're over 40, overweight, or suffering from a chronic illness like diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure, then going vegan, or at the very least cutting down your meat fish and cheese consumption by 90% is imperative if you want to maintain your health or reverse a chronic disease.

I can't say how many times I've spoken to people with serious health problems, who insisted that they were on a healthy diet. But when I asked them to detail their daily diet, I discovered that they ate fish 3-4 times a week.

If you believe that fish is healthy, think again. Fish is perhaps the most toxic food that you could possibly eat, largely due to toxicity of the ocean pools fish are grown in, despite being labeled "wild caught."

“Wild Caught” fish are Kept in overly crowded pens in the ocean; these fish suffer similar fates to their farmed brethren. The ocean pens are full of sea lice and waste. Additionally, our oceans are heavily contaminated with pesticide runoff, mercury, plastics, PCBs, chemical waste and dioxins. 

On fish farms, fish are exposed to dangerous herbicides to kill algae in the water, fed SLICE chemicals to kill sea lice, and given huge amounts of antibiotics all while suffocating in their own fecal matter.

Then the fish are injected with red dye to make them look pink and fresh before they head out to the supermarket.

Red Meat is better than fish, but unfortunately cows are loaded with antibiotics, vaccines, gmo feed. Eating this meat can lead us to develop anti-biotic resistant infections because until last month, farmers were not required to bring in a veterenarian to administer antibiotics, so cows are given antibiotics like its candy from the time they are born.  

Our generation has been brainwashed to believe that diets high in animal protein like the popular keto and paleo diets are great for health.

Until you discover that if followed long term, these diets come with a heavy price to pay, including kidney problems, increased risk of heart disease, IBS, digestive issues, muscle loss, metabolism that has gone awry, depression and anxiety due to lack of carbs, and even cancer.

While short term they can produce weight loss results, keto diets are simply not sustainable. Since it messes up metabolism, There is a rebound effect which causes weight gain after the diet is ended.

This risky trend has gone on long enough.

Dangers of Diet Pills

what really happens to our bodies when we consume meat or fish

Animal protein is treated very differently by the body than plant protein. 

When we consume animal protein, after digestion, the protein gets drawn into the bloodstream.  

Blood is our lifeforce. that blood remains pure and clean is one of the top priorities of the body.  The body will do almost anything, including putting other organs at risk, to purify the blood.  

To protect the blood from excess protein the body stores the protein in the walls of the arteries and capillaries, which will thicken the walls of the vessels.  

The stored protein irritates and damages the walls, causing small cuts, which then have to be plugged up with cholesterol. 

While LDL cholesterol has a bad name, in fact, it saves our lives in the short term, preventing extreme damage to the artery walls.  

As we can see, eating excess protein impedes proper blood flow, leading to heart disease.  We will often hear of people having a heart attack after a big meaty meal, this is one of the reasons.  

Animal protein consumption also just uses up tremendous energy and enzymes, which could otherwise be utilized for other important tasks in the body, such as detoxification.

Why is it so hard for us to digest animal protein

why does Excess protein thicken the blood? 

Unlike carnivorous animals we have only about 1/20 of the hydrochloric acid that they in their stomachs. This limits our ability to break down meat efficiently. 

As we age, our digestive ability weakens, and we have less digestive enzymes necessary for protein breakdown.

So most of the protein we consume will wind up stagnating and rotting in the colon (because meat and fish don't contain the fiber needed for proper elimination) . And bout 20% of it will enter the bloodstream.

Animal Protein is one of the most blood thickening foods we can possibly eat.

The blood will get thicker, the capillary walls and artery walls thicken as well (sometime to 8X their normal width), leading to overall congestion and acidity in the body.

This acidic state can lead to heart disease, Alzheimer's in the elderly, cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune conditions.

Good Carbs Are essential to health

We've been brainwashed into thinking that carbs are bad for us, and that protein (meat and fish) and fats (essential fatty acids) are the only things our bodies need to achieve health. That couldn't be more false.

True we need some protein (from a non-animal source) and fat in our diet, but carbs should make up the majority of the diet. The key is to choose the right carbs like including whole grains like Einkorn and Kamut bread, vegetables and fruit.

Carbohydrates are actually more essential than either protein or fats. Try living on only protein, cheese and oil for the rest of your life. The impact it would have upon your physical and mental health would be disastrous. Yet societies survived on bread as the primary food staple for thousands of years. That's because bread, when prepared correctly, has the potential to contain 70% of all the nutrients we need each day.

Ancient grains like Kamut and Einkorn, which haven't been tampered with by science like modern wheat, contain an array of vitamins nutrients and fiber essential for everyday life. Each one has a unique nutritional profile. Einkorn, for example, is also rich in protein and nutrients. And Kamut is rich in manganese, magnesium, zinc and lipids. Carbohydrates are essential to every body function including the brain and muscles.

The Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health

STEP 1: Diet rich in Complex (non refined) Carbohydrates 

Choosing the right carbs makes all the difference. Ancient Grain breads like The Einkorn Bread or Kamut Bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery, will actually help the body stabilize blood sugar levels and achieve healthy weight loss. Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason. Proper Bread can provide up to 70% of our daily nutrient requirement. 

Vegetables, fruits, and berries are  wonderful sources of healthy carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Eat as many vegetables as you can. 

Incorporate both cooked and raw vegetables into your diet every day.

Fruits are great for alkalizing the body.  And berries are nutrient powerhouses, just be sure to buy organic as berries tend to be heavily sprayed.


increase your water intake-choose high quality spring water


Eating breakfast revs up metabolism, and resets the body's weight point. But what is the best food to eat for breakfast?

The Talmud extols the virtues of eating what's called Pat Shacharit, or Morning Bread in English.  The bread should ideally be consumed around 2 hours or more after rising.

The healthiest bread is ancient grain bread. 

Click below to learn more about our Ancient Grain bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

STEP 4- Alkaline Detox Tea Pack

Longjing tea stimulates cleansing of cells, increases metabolism, and helps regulate hunger (lowers cravings). The Cistus Tea and Longjing Tea combo is amazing for detoxification. The two work together to reboot the digestive tract, rejuvenate the thyroid and pancreas, and flush out toxins from the liver.

Free radicals are molecules that can cause harm to the body’s healthy cells. Longjing tea is brimming with antioxidants that fight free radicals. It contains a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate.

The L-theanine in the tea also boosts the body’s production of the antioxidant glutathione that can further assist in the free radical fight.





Sea moss contains 92 out of 102 vital minerals and nutrients essential to bodily function. It also contains chlorophyl potassium chloride and various compounds that cleanse out the lymphatic system and dissolve mucus.

For the highest quality purple sea moss from pristine waters off the coast of Jamaica click below.

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