The Top 7 Health Benefits of Sea Moss : Dr Sebi's favorite Nutrient Powerhouse

Sea Moss is a nutritional powerhouse, promoted by Dr Sebi for its high nutrient content, detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties.  For centuries, people have used it as a natural remedy for different health conditions.

Sea moss is a seaweed that grows along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean and is loaded with health benefits. It contains 92 out of 102 nutrients essential to the body.   

Sea Moss helped feed and sustain the Irish people during the potato famine  in the 1840s. It was then when the Irish discovered sea moss as a great source of nutrients, hence why Sea Moss is also called Irish Moss.

Sea Moss for Detoxification

Sea Moss contains 92 out of 102 nutrients essential to the body.

Sea Moss Health Benefits

Supercharges the Immune System

Sea moss has anti-inflammatory properties . It contains Potassium chloride, omega 3 fatty acids, and chlorophyll. These compounds reduce inflammation and promote healing. 

Sea moss supports a healthy gut microbiome and as we know 70% of the immune system lies in the gut.

The potassium chloride in sea moss has a soothing effect on tissues, which helps heal respiratory conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis. The potassium chloride dissolves phlegm  and mucus which reduces inflammation in the lungs and gut.

Supports Healthy Gut

Sea moss is very rich in natural fiber, which improves digestion by allowing smooth movement of food along the digestive tract. This helps promotes bowel movement safely, without the discomfort or irritation of fiber supplements.

Sea moss  gelatin like characteristic helps minimize and soothe gut inflammation. As a result, sea moss can relieve and help heal intestinal disorders like nausea, heartburn, and indigestion.

Research has found that sea moss supplements can protect against stomach ulcers and help your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Promotes Weight Loss

Detoxification is necessary to lose weight safely. Fat cells store a lot of toxins, if we lose weight without detoxifying before or at the same time, we run the risk of flooding our body with toxins that could cause damage to other organs later, like the brain liver and kidneys.  

Sea Moss helps tremendously with detoxification. For this reason, it should be a part of any weight loss protocol.

High-fiber foods like sea moss are excellent for those seeking weight management. Fiber can keep you full for longer, preventing overeating and aiding weight control. 

Promotes Detoxification

Looking for ways to detox your body? If that's the case, then the sea moss detox method is an ideal option. Sea Moss contains minerals like potassium chloride which dissolves mucus in the body. Sea moss is also a rich source of chlorophyll, and omega 3 fatty acids. These compounds cleanse out the respiratory system and lymphatic system.  

Sea moss is rich in fiber, which improves digestion by allowing smooth movement of food along the digestive tract. This helps with the detox process and promotes bowel movement. 

Improves Thyroid Health

Sea moss is rich in iodine, which is critical for a healthy thyroid. Since the body can’t make iodine naturally, you can only consume it through iodine-rich foods. While iodine regulates hormone production, selenium and potassium are responsible for protecting the thyroid from damage. 

Collagen Booster

Nicknamed "vegan collagen" Sea moss supports your skin cells in producing collagen, one of the most important building blocks of supple, healthy skin.  Collagen provides structure, support or strength to your skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues. Irish Sea Moss is one of the most effective plant based collagen boosters.

Aids Joint & Muscle Recovery

A high amount of the amino acid Taurine is present in sea moss products. Taurine aids muscle gain and recovery, making it ideal for those involved in strength training and high-intensity workouts. Moreover, 100 grams sea moss contains 6 grams of protein, another staple for building muscle and helping the body recover after a workout.

Irish Sea Moss is one of the most effective plant based collagen boosters. As explained above, collagen is essential for joint and muscle recovery.

Improves Metabolism

Sea moss also contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that improve metabolism levels and overall heart health. A steady metabolism means that your body uses up more energy even while resting, which is beneficial for the detox process.


Dr. Sebi's Sea Moss Detox Method

While sea moss can help detox your body, it's important that you follow the right diet. Dr. Sebi's detox method is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their health. Avoid processed refined foods. Avoid animal products like fish chicken meat and dairy to ensure proper detoxification. Enjoy ancient grain bread like our  kamut bread or spelt bread and load up on non-gmo fruits and vegetables.


Drink a Good Amount of Water Daily

To enjoy the benefits of sea moss, you need to drink a good amount of water daily. So, try to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. 

Make a Smoothie

It's time to incorporate moss gel into your everyday routine. One way you can do this is by using it to prepare a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Make whatever type of smoothie you want, and add 1-2 tbs of sea moss gel. Read below for the ultimate sea moss recipe.

If you're planning to make a smoothie or juice with sea moss,  Always opt for non-gmo organic fruits and vegetables and water as a base for your smoothie, no processed ingredients. Have it in the morning for a nutrient boost or when you feel hungry in the evening.

Follow this Diet for 3 to 10 Days

To detox your body, continue incorporating sea moss for at least 10 days straight. 

Dr. Sebi's diet aids in detoxification. This diet encourages you to add more fruits and veggies to your diet, As a result, you gain more minerals, vitamins, fiber, and plant compounds, which are essential for your health. A Diet rich in fruit and veggies can manage oxidative stress and inflammation and protect against several diseases.

Besides that, Dr. Sebi's diet plan ensures that your body gets plenty of fiber and healthy fats. This can help you lower the risk of heart disease. Most importantly, you need to cut back on processed food, allowing you to avoid developing several health issues.

Sea Moss SMOOTHIE Recipe: THE ULTIMATE PAIN RELIEVING, Energy Boosting, AND Weight Loss Supporting Smoothie

This smoothie is my go-to for when I experience muscle or back pain, as well as when I come down with a cold, or just need an energy boost.  It's a little bitter which is why I add both the banana and mango, but it's super powerful.


Sea Moss Smoothie Recipe:


  1. 1 banana
  2. 1/2 mango
  3. 2-3 Immune Pro capsules - empty the contents into the blender. (add in if you want to boost the immune system or leave out if you dont need it)
  4. 2-3 Boost Back Pain  pills (empty the contents into the blender)
  5. 1 1/2 tablespoons Purple Sea Moss
  6. water

Joseph's Organic Bakery- Discover the best Wildcrafted Purple Sea Moss 

Our Purple Sea Moss is wildcrafted from the pristine oceans of Jamaica.  We source the absolute highest quality sea moss possible.  OUR LOCAL JAMAICAN DIVERS HARVEST RESPONSIBLY TO PRESERVE THE ECOSYSTEM.

 Our sea moss is All-Natural, Non-GMO, & never farmed.  It is sun-dried - never bleached!

As Dr Sebi always said, large sea moss is fake, grown in ocean pools, or farmed. It doesn't provide the health benefits of sea moss. Our purple sea moss is small in size, sourced naturally from the ocean by our experienced divers. If you're looking for REAL nutrient rich Sea Moss,our sea Moss is the real deal.  

Learn More about our Sea Moss Here

Our Sea Moss gel combined with our Ancient Grain Kamut Bread will help alkalize and mineralize the body while leaving you full and satisfied.  If you're looking to lose weight It's best to opt for an alkaline diet that helps with detoxification and ensures a safe weight loss journey. Learn more about our weight loss diet here.

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