The key to Immune Health Lies in the Red Blood Cells

Looking for ways to strengthen your immune system naturally to avoid catching every virus or bacterial infection that comes your way?  Does it take you weeks or months on end to get over every bout of the flu?

Do you have an auto-immune condition? 

Would you like to avoid the debilitating side effects of antibiotics and prescriptions meds?

Side effects of antibiotics include:

  1. destruction of the gut
  2. eradication of the good bacteria (probiotics)
  3. cardiovascular disease
  4. antibiotic resistant infections
  5. cancer
  6. sepsis

In this article you will learn how to strengthen your immune system naturally so you can stop relying on antibiotics or meds and achieve SUPER-IMMUNITY.

key to immune health lies in red blood cells

"The Immune System is like a muscle that needs to be trained"

How to Train the Immune System

Achieving a strong immune system involves retraining the immune system to correctly identify foreign pathogens and avoid attacking the body's own cells. 

An overactive or misguided immune system is what causes auto-immune conditions.

They root cause of a weak immune system lies in the gut. After all, 70% of the immune system lies in the gut!

But that's not all. 

The key to a strong immune system are the Red Blood Cells. 

the red blood cells act as the guards of the immune system

The red blood cells are vital to the immune system. 

Everyone talks about the white blood cells. 

However, the Red Blood Cells are underestimated in their importance in enhancing natural immunity. 

Red blood cells Supply oxygen to all cells of the body including damaged cells, helping in their repair. This job prevents the core cause of sickness: an acidic environment in the body.

Recent research has unveiled a pivotal role of red blood cells as essential immune sensors. These cells bind cell-free DNA, or nucleic acid, circulating in the body during conditions like sepsis and C- ovid.  

However, once the red blood cells bind  to foreign DNA , they get removed from the blood stream by immune cells called macrophages. This causes a lack of red blood cells, which triggers inflammation and anemia during illness.

Which means, that during or after illness, its vital to replenish and restore the red blood cell count.

The study, led by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, has been published in Science Translational Medicine.

Senior author Nilam Mangalmurti, MD, an assistant professor of Medicine at Penn, commented on the common occurrence of anemia, affecting about a quarter of the world's population. The study sheds light on the development of acute inflammatory anemia in critically ill individuals, such as those with sepsis, trauma, flu, bacterial infections, or parasitic infections.

As we explained above, Red blood cells Supply oxygen to all cells of the body including damaged cells, helping in their repair. This prevents the core cause of sickness: an acidic environment in the body.

By strengthening the red blood cells, in essence you are creating an alkaline oxygenated environment in the body, preventing the body from developing sickness and disease to begin with. But even once a person becomes sick, the focus should be on strengthening the red blood cells.  


The Red blood cells act as Immune sentinels, the guards, the lookouts that alert the body to foreign invaders.

These Oxygen-carrying cells capture DNA from pathogens and damaged cells.

That's where our Immune Pro herbal supplement comes in. The Immune Pro was designed to strengthen the red blood cells and to promote healthy blood flow.

Immune Pro not only strengthens the immune system, but it also helps combat anemia, one of the key causes of fatigue. 

Read below to Learn more about our Immune Pro

Immune Pro Herbs for Ultimate Immune Support

Supports Oxygenation and Red Blood Cell Count

Immune Pro is an herbal supplement which aims to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the blood. The red and white blood cells are key to a strong immune system. 

The Red Blood Cells are underestimated in their importance in enhancing natural immunity. Our Immune Pro strengthens and improves the function of the red blood cells. The red blood cells Supply oxygen to damaged cells, helping in their repair, thus preventing the core cause of sickness: an acidic environment in the body.

By strengthening the red blood cells, in essence you are creating an alkaline oxygenated environment in the body, thus preventing the body from developing sickness and disease to begin with. But even once a person becomes sick, Immune Pro helps strengthen the immune system.

Building A Strong Immune System

Steps 1-3 will teach you how to build a strong immune system long term to avoid getting sick in the future and to achieve SUPER-IMMUNITY.
Steps 4-6 can be used for short term prevention and for dealing with flu symptoms.

STEP 1  Avoid Toxic Foods

70% percent of the immune system lies in the gut. That means that what we eat determines if we are going to have a strong immune system or not. 

Probiotics (good bacteria) n the gut actually train the immune system to identify good and bacteria. If we dont have enough good bacteria due to bad diet, then we are sabotaging our own immunity.  

If we're eating sugar, dairy, trans fats, fried foods, meats, fish, and chicken then we're going to get sick, Young people can eat meat and chicken (provided they're grass fed). However as we age our digestive enzymes lower and our ability to digest animals proteins lessens. It takes the body tremendous amounts of enzymes and energy to break down the animal proteins. This energy should be spent on healing and repair, not digesting meat chicken and fish.

so its important to avoid animal proteins in the 40+ category and especially if you're suffering from chronic disease.. 

Fish should be avoided by everyone at all times due to high levels of heavy metals pesticides, and toxins in our oceans and fish pens. These foods lower our immune strength and promote inflammation in the body. 

In fact,  most of the cooking oils used in restaurants and processed foods are trans fatty oils. Trans fats clog up the blood and cause low immunity. 

Avoid eating out, as most restaurants use bad oils and GMO ingredients.

70% of the Immune System Lies in The GUT !

STEP 2  HEALTHY Plant Based Ancient Grain DIET

Step 2 would be to modify your diet to include plenty of fruits, vegetables (cooked and raw), and healthy ancient grains like Kamut or Einkorn. Avoid processed refined flours and sugars which actually feed bad bacteria. Bacteria feed on sugar, and hundreds of research studies have shown that sugars severely weaken the immune system.

Ancient grains have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Kamut is the grain we bake with at Joseph's Organic Bakery.  Our kamut sourdough bread really is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason.

Click here to learn more about our Sourdough Kamut Bread

Vegetables and fruits contain PHYTO-NUTRIENTS that Boost the Immune System

Phytonutrients have antioxidant effects on your body, protecting cells against damage caused by harmful toxins 

There are more than 10,000 phytonutrients, and they help fight disease naturally by boosting the immune system and providing anti-inflammatory properties. 

Look for intense colors such as purple grapes and dark green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, Fresh organic berries are very high in antioxidants and immune boosting properties.

"Go Vegan Plant Based for Ultimate Immune Strength"

STEP 3  Cistus Tea

There are herbs, like our CISTUS TEA, that have been used for centuries to boost the immune system naturally. 

Cistus tea is a potent antioxidant, destroying free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.  It has the potential to inhibit the multiplication of viruses, which may help to alleviate cold and influenza.

It also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.  It contains polyphenols that may destroy free radicals. Through bioflavonoids, it works synergistically with vitamin C, enhancing its action.

Read about our cistus tea by clicking below

STEP 4 Umeboshi Probiotic Rich Fermented Plums

Umeboshi plums are fermented plums, very rich in probiotics. For over a thousand years they have been valued as a powerful digestive aid. Asian cultures use this fruit to rejuvenate the gut, as an anti-bacterial, anti-candida, and anti-parasitic. It also combats eczema and psoriasis, fights fatigue and aids the liver.

These Plums help rejuvenate the gut. 

Click below to learn more:


This smoothie is my go-to for when I experience muscle or back pain, as well as when I come down with a cold, or just need an energy boost.  It's a little bitter which is why I add both the banana and mango, but it's super powerful.


Immune Supporting Sea Moss Smoothie Recipe:


  1. 1 banana
  2. 1/2 mango
  3. 2-3 Immune Pro capsules - empty the contents into the blender. (add in if you want to boost the immune system or leave out if you dont need it)
  4. 2-3 Boost Back Pain  pills (empty the contents into the blender)
  5. 1 1/2 tablespoons Purple Sea Moss
  6. water

blend all ingredients together

Bonus: Fresh Juicing

Juicing & Alkalizing SUPERFOODs-  I juice a mixture of orange & grapefruit for natural vitamin C every day. For cold or flu I juice  3 times a day.  (fresh squeeze). Also Alkalize every day with fresh green juices. Incorporate superfoods like Kale, spinach, and swiss chard which are all high in nutrients and have immune boosting properties.   

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